Monday, November 29, 2010

The rest of our LOVELY weekend...

This weekend couldn't have been better. It started amazing - ended amazing. I love time off from work & spending it with family and friends. Too good!

I posted a quick Thanksgiving recap here. Check that out first :)

The rest of our weekend went something like this...
Getting our 2nd Christmas Tree as The Thurston's!

Rosey sure loved playing with Aimee Marie!

Keeping Rosey warm!

Laura, Sherrill, Mark & Timmy!

Uncle Joshy with Aimee!

The WHOLE crew getting pizza to end the day!

SATURDAY  = Thanksgiving #2 {Lenzen Family}
Delish Spread of YUMMYness!

Grams meeting Rosey - They were instant friends :)

Cute Parents in Plaid!

Scrabble with the fam! So fun!
Oh... and just for the record... We won :)

Final Board. It was a SOLID game!

Love this Grammy!!! :)

Just hanging out! I love this :)

Dessert = Small Pumpkin Cream pies. Fun!

So fun weekend filled with lots of family, fun and serious memories. I am ever thankful for a God-fearing family and being able to spend time with them! They are my favorite!

Just thinking about JESUS and his LOVE this week! God is worthy of our praise. Bless you sweet friends - Happy new Week!


Natalie said...

what a fun time! your christmas tree picture is adorable! i wish we could go to a farm like that and get ours!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

That little pie is adorable, and sounds yummy. Yay for scrabble games! :)

Amanda said...

LOVE your christmas tree tradition! :) oh and the little pies are so cute as well!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness you cut down your own tree?!!? yay!! I love when we can do that! I think it is SUCH a cool thing to do as a family! Pictures are adorable!

Jamie Leigh said...

Looks like you had a beautiful weekend and Thanksgiving! Such great pics!

Jeska said...

Yay for getting a tree! We bought one this weekend too (artificial) And I love scrabble- my favorite game ever. Beautiful pictures!!

Mateya said...

How fun! Those little mini pies look so delicious!

Jenny said...

what a fun filled weekend! Love the pick of you guys with your christmas tree :) Glad you had a good thanksgiving weekend!

Jamie Oliver (@va_grown) said...

We had mini pecan pies too--they've become a tradition.

We cut our own tree (from our own property) each year and I've used the pictures to make into a Christmas ornament for each year. It makes lovely memories.

Anonymous said...

Love the Christmas tree photo! Rosey is so brave in the snow :) And way to win at Scrabble! That always feels good!

Amanda Moury said...

Ria, it looks like you had an amazing weekend! Dontchya just love those?! PS I LOVE your headbands! :)