Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friends are a GOOD thing & Tag YOUR it! :)

I love celebrating LIFE and BIRTHDAYS and FRIENDS because life is sooo precious and valuable! I wanted to share about our celebration of KATE’s 22nd year of life! I am blessed by this sweet lady:

We went to Chino Latino in Uptown, Minneapolis. It is such a fun place! They even made her a special menu saying Happy Bday!


And now for some fun questions I was tagged in by Jessie :)

1. What is your favorite physical feature of your husband? His Cute, Cute, Cute SMIRK :)

2. How many kids do you want to have? Boys, girls? We’ve always said at least three! However… It’s always up to God! I am soooo excited for the day I can announce I am pregnant! In God’s perfect timing!

3. Where would your dream vacation be? EUROPE! Anywhere there :) Mostly because Joshy would LOVE to go there!

4. What is one thing you have done that you so wish you could take back? Hmm… living with NO regrets is my life motto!

5. Tell me about the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you! Ha, I have SO many embarrassing things we would be here all dayyyy :) One that comes to mind is a high school memory of tripping when I was a freshman in front of the “popular” seniors. Oh yes, those were the glory days!

6. What is one thing that could turn your bad day, into a great day? Spending time with Jesus #1 and then cuddling up with my sweet hubby! Thank God for him!

Anddd…  Guess what? Tag YOUR IT! Yes, you! :)


Sarah Ann said...

Hm. I want to be pregnant, and would love to go to Europe, and I totally agree with #6!
Love your blog!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Europe would be an amazing vacation! you will be an adorable pregnant lady...and a wonderful mom! i'm so excited for that too! :)

Mateya said...

Ah! I cannot wait until the day you announce you are pregnant! So exciting :)

Unknown said...

This just put a smile to my face, thank you so much for filling out my questions. God has timing for EVERYONE with babies. Trust me :) And I want atleast 3 too!

Stephanie M. Page said...

I just like all of this! =)

Jenny said...

cute pic! God Does have perfect timing! I can't wait for your that announcement from you too ;)

Brittany said...

:))) What great pictures! Adorable! Ahhh the good old days of tripping in front of seniors.... and letting chickens loose in hallways..

Wait, not everyone let chickens loose in their high school? lol

Ashley said...

I have given you a blog award!! Check out my blog today ;)