Thursday, September 23, 2010


It’s a rainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny day here in Minnesota. The past few days have been GORGEOUS so I can’t really complain. Today is the kind of day you just want to snuggle, drink hot cocoa and watch a great chick flick. Yea… not happening :)

HOWEVER… Today is WINNER day for the item from:


Yeah, so exciting right! I wish you all could WIN a cute headpiece… And well… you can! Just go here and purchase one :)

*Drum roll please….*


Lea Liz! The funniest part about this is… I just won her giveaway :) I guess what goes around, comes around?? So exciting! I will email Jami your information and she will get you the cute pink & white headband with rolled flowers!image

Also, I LOVED reading what you all had to say about your sisters. This made me smile real big. Here is my favorite memory from Jenny:


Enjoy your Thursday. Come back tomorrow for FAB FRIDAY!! :)


Jenny said...

Congrats Jami for winning!

And you are so sweet Ria, thank you for the shout out. It was fun to think back about it and share it with you :)

Jenny said...

opps I meant congrats Lea!

Joni Lenzen said...

Such cute headbands and accessories!!! Fun giveaway!

Lea Liz said...

i am so excitied!!! Thank you girl!!