Wednesday, September 1, 2010


**Update** Please pray for my Uncle in Seattle to find a job and for peace with his family!!
Thank you, Blog readers! It was a sudden thing and we trust God for his will to be done :)

on a bench

The State Fair is ALWAYS a tradition! I have loved this fun party since I was a little girl. SO much to do! SO many crazy foods on a stick… overall GOOD time! :) High school was our prime-time for sure. The picture above is from 1 of many State Fair adventures!


I couldn’t locate anymore pictures, unfortunately!! Don’t you worry… I will have plenty of pictures after we GO TODAY! :)

Josh and I work early today and will be going this afternoon. I can’t wait! It feels like a fun staple that is the ENDDING to the summer and WELCOMES fall. It is bittersweet. Very bittersweet!

Happy Times ahead… I know we will be doing a lot of eating… walking… eating… walking. Sounds delightful! I love spending time with my handsome. We are such PEOPLE watchers too, so that will be surely happening. :)

Do you have a state fair? Is it toward the end of the summer? Do share! I love fairs!


Unknown said...

Love the picture of the little boy! You have to go over to the midway ride area, they have these bubbles on water for kids, and it is HILARIOUS! Definitely a fun thing to watch! Have fun!! :)

Mateya said...

How fun! We do have the South Dakota State Fair and it starts tomorrow! I have never been to it though, isn't that crazy?! The good news is that I am going this year :) Robbie's little brothers are showing sheep and pigs, so we're going to watch them!

Jeanie Cullip said...

Hello, Visiting you from Seeds of Faith iFellowhsip! I Love state fairs.. onion burgers and scones are headed my way next weekend I cannot wait!

Blessings & Giggles

Rae Nolt said...

Have so much fun! I have gone a few times to State Fairs...BUT, have decided that if you don't go as a child and make memories then when you get older you DO NOT know what to do! The 1st time I went I was soooo confused as to WHAT DO I DO NOW that I didn't like it. But, the idea of eating ALL those foods and going with a person who KNOWS what they are doing...I'd consider going again!

cfoxes33 said...

To me, the beginning of fall is the beginning of Friday Night Football!

Hope everything is okay with your family.

Amanda said...

have a blast at the fair! be sure to eat lots of fun junk food!!! :)

Wendy said...

You know what?! We have the greatest State Fair in the World! No, we do!! I would love to take every person to it and they would have so much fun--don't you think? Ria, I hope you had a wonderful time!! It was a gorgeous day today--you picked just the right day to go. We are going tomorrow! Early. We have a routine and go every year--my husband loves it. He takes the day off of work. It is forecast to be a chance of thunderstorms--we have never in all of our years had bad weather, can you believe that? But, maybe tomorrow we will have to stay in the buildings longer, if it rains! (Leave me in the Creative Activities Building--I will be JUST FINE!) I'll have to post on the Fair, too! Can't wait!
Look forward to seeing your photos!
(I'm excited! Can you tell?)

Appleshoe said...

No No! It's crowded and noisy. Much safer to stay at home *wink* Had to put in my hermit 2 cents worth. I hope that you have a fun and dry day. Sunday at RenFest is a royal wedding if you don't have plans fro the weekend. We will be there. Happy Anniversary if I don't get back to you sooner. Take care.

Anonymous said...

hi ria. I hope you had a blast at the state fair. Cute pic btw. :)
I would love to see you and catch up soon if you get a spare minute.
Lots love!