Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Anniversary Trip {Part 1}

Josh and I had the BEST time in San Diego! :) What a great extended weekend getaway to celebrate our ONE YEAR anniversary! I am so thankful we had this opportunity. God is so good to us! We spent a lot of time just BEING but more time adventuring… Here is our time away in pictures {part two tomorrow… we took LOTS of pictures}

Day One – September 4th….

SanDiego_Edited-1 Ready to fly! EARRRLYYY Flight!


We love each other! 09.04.10

SanDiego_Edited-10 Wedding bands!

Spent time at the pool in the afternoon before dinner!

SanDiego_Edited-15 Getting ready and watching our wedding video at the same time!

SanDiego_Edited-22 Took a pedicab to our restaurant for 1 year anniversary dinner!

SanDiego_Edited-32 Tabule for dinner! I love my husband!!! Downtown, San Diego!

SanDiego_Edited-34 SanDiego_Edited-35 Cards, so sweet! :) Just too much fun!

Day Two – September 5th

SanDiego_Edited-44 Beach Day… Driving EVERYWHERE! :) 1st stop – Coronado Island!

SanDiego_Edited-57Coronado Island Bridge… Crazy!

SanDiego_Edited-46 SanDiego_Edited-48
I could get used to this beach thing!!


SanDiego_Edited-68 FRO YO! Can it get any better? My Fav!!

SanDiego_Edited-72 We decided last minute to be adventurous and travel to L.A.!!!

SanDiego_Edited-78 SanDiego_Edited-77 Really, the only cool part about Hollywood :( Wasn’t that great!

SanDiego_Edited-85 Hollywood sign… we found after searching & searching!!!

SanDiego_Edited-86 Loving this adventure with my handsome man! We drove about 3 hours to find this crazzzzy place, ha! Such a funny time :)

Downtown Disney made it ALLLLL worth it!

SanDiego_Edited-99 Cinderella! My dream came true ;) Ha!

SanDiego_Edited-103 Pizza for dinner! Disney was awesome… :)

SanDiego_Edited-105 His favorite.. ESPN Zone!

SanDiego_Edited-95 Downtown Disney did NOT disappoint! We’d go back tomorrow!

Our first two days were SO much fun! We had a blast just exploring the fun state of California. The weather was in the high 70’s and we got some color :)

Come back tomorrow for Sea World and our last day in Cali. We took sooo many photos, I posted all the rest of them on my facebook… if you want to see. Just request to be a friend :)

I am hoping to catch up on blogs today and tomorrow. School is kind of kicking me a little right now… ahhh… back to reality! Blessings and Happy Wednesday, All! :)


Jennifer said...

absolute perfection!!!!

Amanda said...

yay! i'm so glad you had a wonderful trip! disney is soooo magical and fun. can't wait to see more pics. :)

Jeska said...

Looks like a very nice getaway!! I love those.

Jami said...

It looks like you had a great trip. You certainly got some really nice pictures!

Amy and Kyle said...

LOVE all your pretty pics! What a fabulous anniversary trip! Going to fb now to see more pics! Can't wait for your next post!! :)

Jenny said...

such wonderful pictures! It looks like you two had an amazing time. Isn't SD amazing? I can't imagine living anywhere else. Last minute adventures are the best! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip :)

Oh and I sent you a friend request on fb.

Lauren said...

Oh my goodness!! You guys are too stinkin' cute! I LOVE that dress you wore to dinner the first night--gorgeous!

And fro-yo, seriously one of the best food groups ever!

Kristin said...

Happy 1 Year! San Diego is where my hubby and I went for our 1 year too!!! So much fun :)

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Looks like SO much fun!!!! You guys looks so happy!! :)

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

I love Downtown Disney because you can have such a great inexpensive time just by enjoying the music and walking around. I'll always be a Disney kid!

Casey Miller said...

Hey Ria! I love the pics- Dusty and I visited Huntington Beach a year ago and absolutely LOVED Downtown Disney. Glad you and Josh got to experience it!! I'm loving the blog world... One day I hope mine is as cute as yours is :-)

Anonymous said...

You two are too adorable! Looks like so much fun! Love every picture! Congratulations :)

Julie Danielle said...

What an awesome trip! I am sure you will always remember it :) Fun pictures too :)

Mrs. Mama said...

looks like an AMMMAZING time!

Katrina said...

What great pictures! Ya'll are a beautiful couple! Can't wait to see more pics! Please stop by my blog, I've got an award for you there!
Happy Thursday!