Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I remember a morning when I was driving… and thinking… and questioning God on what my future would hold. I loved to do and be a part of SO many things: Photography, Social Events, Ministry, Health & Wellness, Planning, Hair/Cosmetology, Corporate America, Creative Designing/Computer Stuff… Ultimately be a MOMMA!

But what was I suppose to do?? I had to only pick 1 right?


God spoke over me and said… “Ria, if you enjoy all of those things… you can have a small part in ALL of them. You don’t have to just choose one. Try them all!”

Phew! That was so reassuring! I would have been heartbroken if I had to just pick one and focus on that. [sometimes I wish I only did 1 thing… ha!] But my heart is to have a small part in a lot of things.

On Sunday… I was a wannabe Cosmetologist ;) I worked at a hair salon in high school and loved watching the girls highlight/foil hair. So, I help my sister’s out and some friends and color their hair when needed. No, I am NOT a professional and have NO training, but it is fun!

wannabe1 Salon in my kitchen, ha! [this was pre-haircut]

wannabe2 The REAL hairstylist – My friend Brie :)

wannabe3 Cutie pie Peyton! Sarah’s baby girl – check out those EYES!

Oh and my friend Em reminded me of this DELICIOUS drink… Lemon & Cucumber Water. SO “salonish”.

Just a pitcher of water with a few slices of both lemon & cucumbers. Go. Try. It. SO refreshing!

Oh! Hey Matt! [had to sneak this pic in… he wanted to be on my blog]

SO! I just want to encourage you! If you have a LOT of passions… GO FOR THEM! My heart is to just speak truth and say that if you are interested in something… just TRY it! What’s the worst that can happen?

Orange hair? No big, dye it again. [ha, sounds easier said than done]

Blurry photos…? No big, take more pictures.

Forgotten napkins for the party you planned? No big, go buy some!

Blessings to you today & GO for your passions!


Kenya said...

Great post!

Unknown said...

Ria Love!

I BELIEVE IN YOU! YOU CAN DO IT and ARE DOING IT RIGHT NOW! :) you are great at everything...


Alissa said...

Haha you sound exactly like me. I hate and I always have hated having to pick just one thing. I have too many interests. Thanks for reassuring me sweet lady.

Sarah said...

Oh,this is such an encouragement! I have SO SO SO many things I love/would love to do but sometimes feel like I *have* to pick just one. My mom and I have been talking lately about different ways I can do many of the things I love.My end goal is the same as yours too:be a mommy to a ton of little ones!! :)

Stephanie M. Page said...

=) Super cute post Ri!

Appleshoe said...

Oh Ria- This is a lovely post, but you don't have a "small part" in many things. You play a "BIG ROLL" in many things. Everything you do you do with all your heart including these posts and through them you touch so many. And that's no small thing :) Take care.

Sarah Heineman said...

"salonish" haha cute love the post :)

Kelsey Claire said...

I love this post! So wonderful. I think I am going to go and make me some lemon and cucumber water. It is so fancy to have on just any day! haha!

Unknown said...

ahhh Ria! You are so cute. Glad you tried the water idea...it's just too tasty to pass up :) And even though we've had our "orange hair" dilemmas in high school, no big deal because you've mastered my head of hair!! Ha love you!

Sarah said...

*thank you* SO encouraging!