Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It’s the good life.

This week is pretty full, but I am loving my last week of every night being with Joshy. He starts up Summer classes again next week.

Vacation is a little over, but still we will be together MOST evenings! Woo hoo! I love marriage :)

Last night we celebrated Timmy, my bro-in-law’s b-day at Fuddruckers. Yum! It’s like a hamburger place, but not fast food here in MN. Not sure if they are anywhere else…?

Here is the bday boy with Laur:

Celebrating!! Olivia is getting SO funny! She was doing the silliest things, ever. :)


Yes, all three of us girls were wearing YELLOW. Crazy! We think alike or something… :)

Joshy with the funny girl, Liv. Too cute :)

As I was reflecting this morning about the season of life we are currently in... I felt overwhelmed and so blessed. Yes, our lives are NOT at ALL perfect, but God’s faithfulness is so rich!

What a blessing it is. What a real, true blessing. Thank you Lord!


Kenya said...

We love Fuddruckers!!! We have a couple in north NJ where I live.

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Ah, I really love Fuddruckers! The closest one to us is a few hours away, though, so we don't get it too often. I love the picture of you girls in yellow! :D

Joni Lenzen said...

Looks like it was a TON of fun! Those little Page girls are certainly adorable!! Love you! MOM