Sunday, June 20, 2010

I have two!

This Father’s Day… We get to celebrate 2 Fathers :) WOO HOO!

Let me introduce you…

My daddy (we call him papa sometimes) a.k.a RAY!


Daddy, you have been an example of a HARD worker and very motivated. It wasn’t hard to know that I wanted those qualities FOR SURE in my future hubby. Thank you for your guidance!

My new dad! a.k.a. MARK:)


Mark, you are a WONDERFUL father-in-law – I couldn’t have asked for anything better! Thank you for fearlessly leading your family and teaching Josh how to be a MAN. You are awesome!

Josh and I love you both DEARLY! We think we have the sweetest dad’s EVER! It is so easy to call you guys up and ask for advice. We would be LOST with out you!! Thank you for showing us what it means to have a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus, too. So important!




Joshua Mark,

You. Are. A. Natural. I smile every single time you are around our sweet nieces, because you have soo much love for them. We know that God makes ALL things beautiful in his time and I can’t wait for the TIME we find out we will be having little Joshy’s & Ria’s! I love that we share the same vision and goals for our future family because without vision the people perish! You keep reminding me of the promises God has and that he knows the best :) There is no one else I’d rather have my babies call “Daddy”.

I love you, sweet one! :)

Love on your dad’s today… We will be!!!


That's Mrs. Russell said...

What an awesome post!! Cute cute cute.

Brittney Galloway said...

So sweet!

Joni Lenzen said...

Oh Ria
What an awesome tribute to both of the dads in your life!!! We will look forward to celebrating Father's Day together as a family . . .uuhhh next week!!

Sarah said...

That is so sweet about Josh! Your babies are going to be so cute! :)

Appleshoe said...

Lovely post Ria. You are blessed as are they all. Take care.

SM said...

Sweet posts Ria! I smiled when i read "ittle Joshy’s & Ria’s!" :)