Thursday, June 3, 2010

Class of 2007

Kind of makes me feel old… Josh and I were both Concordia Academy Class of 2007 Graduates. It is SO fun seeing all these beautiful High School Seniors graduate this year – Class of 2010.

We’d always wonder how this class would do their “cheers” – 1-0-1-0-1-1-1-0? Because of the fact that it is a two-digit year #. Maybe that does not make any sense… but… it does to me. Ha!

Anyways, just reminiscing of High School today… I loved every minute of High School. We were really odd like that, but really… it was a sad day when it ended. Not for the hw but for the people!


I had the greatest group of girlfriends… EVER! I was so blessed to go through 4 of what could have been the hardest years with these girls:

DSC03410 I’m in the front wearing pink… :)

It is really quite bizarre to think that in only 2 years we will have our 5 year reunion. These beautiful ladies have all gone on different paths but it is always so beautiful catching up when we do!

Not to mention …. I met the LOVE of my life in high school … good memories for SURE come with that!! How could they not??

josh and ri

Lately I have been in this state of REMEMBERING. Remembering what has happened and where we were at this time last year, two years ago, three years ago… I love to look back and be reminded of HOW FAITHFUL God truly was. Not just say it, but have visual reminders of it….

3 years ago at this time… I was:
  • Scared for a new chapter, yet excited to see what was in store
  • Feeling sad because I had hopes that our high school friendships would stay the same, but knew that we’d grow apart..
  • Missing my favorite high school EVER & the Teachers who spoke the word of God over our lives day after day
  • Bummed that this meant no more proms… HA!
  • Planning for my Pretty in Pink graduation party  :)
What a fun season of life that was, but I couldn’t have ever pictured that 3 years from then  I would be where I am at today. GOD HAS SURPASSED ALL MY DREAMS! What do the next 3 years hold?

How have you been reminded of his faithfulness lately?
How has he surpassed ALL your dreams/visions??


Alissa said...

I know what you mean abut being in a remembering phase of life. I'm there too, but I'm also getting excited about future milestones too.

Newlywed Next Door said...

Cute post! But you're makin' me feel old! We just booked tickets to my husbands 10 year Reunion in September! Should be exciting, because he didn't have a 5 yr reunion.

Allyson Taylor said...

I have so been in the remembering stage too. Even though I only graduated from high school last year, this past year at college has been full of so many good changes though. It's crazy to see what God does in such a short amount of time!

Unknown said...

Ria Love.
GORGEOUS post. I am completely with you on this. I LOVE LOVE LOVED High school. I was sad when we all graduated. I still cry thinking about the OLD days.

My Volleyball Team.

My Female Trio. :(

Oh the memories.

I LOVE YOU. & you are absolutely MARVELOUS! Keep that beautiful spirit!

beka said...

Oh yes, I've been remembering a lot lately, too. It's not a state I'm in 100% or anything.
But I just graduated last year, so it's pretty funny. And my colors were black and red and white:) Of course, that night I wore pink and green for the first time in years...haha!

Ginger said...

oh Ria! you're making me feel old I got married in 2007. I graduated on 2003 and yes I loved high school I've been in a remembering phase too but more so because I'm on the cusp of new beginnings yet again :)

katie said...

Great post! I LOVED high school as well (or at least most of it). And I graduated something like 8 years ago! Eeek. I was feeling very nostalgic and emotional one day recently and told my husband "Everything is over for us. We already went to prom, graduated high school and finished college!" He gently reminded me that we have sooo much to look forward to: buying homes, having children, watching our children go to prom and graduate from high school!

Joni Lenzen said...

So sweet my Ria be . . .Yes, you were a high school girl, and I have so many fun memories of those years as well . . .I think in 3 years I will enjoy being a Grandma! What do ya think about that!?

Addy Rose said...

Their cheer is:
Zero-ten! Zero-ten! Zero Zero Zero-ten!

I believe Tune came up with it. ha ha ha.

Wendy said...

Well, none of you have anything on me for feeling old reading this post:) (and Ria, I didn't know it before, but you graduated the same year as my daughter, Kelsey, who we Homeschooled--but she graduated with Teach and had a wonderful ceremony). The being older thing is something I am most grateful for--that God has given me all these days to live. May we count the moments, enjoy today, and use them well, for we don't know which breath will be our last. It's so good to set goals and dream...I love the verse: Prov. 3:5-6--"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths."

Appleshoe said...

Oh Goodness Ria, You make me feel old. I had no idea we were so far apart in age. Sill 10+ years after graduating I do understand and sometimes miss the freedoms and innocents of our school years. However those things all pale in the light a husband, a home, and the promise of future children (fingers crossed). Take care.