Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Winner & What’s Up

In the hoopla of this weekend… I forgot to post the WINNER of the Ugandan Tshirt Giveaway. Remember this post and my HEART for Uganda. If you missed it… it’s NOT too late to check out 147 Million Orphans!

And the winner is… *drumroll*


Mandi you were comment #33! Woo hoo! You go girl!! Email me!

Also, I wanted to share a little insight into my upcoming weekend to let you know What’s up AND ask for PRAYER!!!

Let’s Talk About it Conference


My sister-in law, Steph, our friend Sarah and I all had a passion for talking about RELATIONSHIPS. This passion was in all three of our hearts and we started moving forward with it in February. Doing something about it rather than just talking.

Let’s Talk About It Conference was birthed.

Well, it’s THIS upcoming weekend. It is for 9-12th graders and hosted at our church. We have two other churches attending and we couldn’t be MORE excited for what God is going to do.

We have an awesome band coming to play worship, we have breakout speakers and Steph, her husband Chris, Josh and I are going to be the main speakers on Friday night and Saturday.

We truly covet your prayers and ask for wisdom and guidance as we just walk out what God has placed in our hearts. We are talking about our Relationship with God and others. It’s not just a conference talking about guy/girl relationships … but focusing on the truth that when we are IN relationship with God all of our other relationships are so much sweeter!

This is not a conference about us, but about him. We would appreciate your prayers and ask that God would be glorified. As we’ve been planning this we can’t help but envision a room full of teenagers hungry to learn about this topic.

Will you join us in praying? Even if it’s just a quick prayer – we believe in the power of standing in the gap and ASKING for God’s strength, wisdom and his words not ours!

Thanks --- what’s up with you?? I would love to know!


Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome, I will be praying for you!

Mandi Miller said...

I won!!!! Yay!!! *Doing a dance here*

The conference sounds awesome! I will definitely be praying for you and the event!!

Stephanie M. Page said...

Yay God!! I am so excited!! =)

Lauren said...

Sounds like a fabulous conference! Can't wait to hear what God does this weekend!

Natalie said...

what a great conference idea : ) that is such an important and hard to discuss topic for teenagers. Good luck-I will be praying it goes perfectly and lots of teens come with open hearts and minds!

Katy Gunderson said...

RIA!!! OH MY GOSH!! God is going to use you big, girl! You've made yourself available to His calling and i can not wait to hear about it! Definitely praying :) Amazing amazing amazing. Let's keep all marriages, all relationships and all hearts in our prayers, too. Love you.

Sarah said...

Congratulations,Mandi! :)
That sounds like a great conference! I so wish I could be there.Maybe you can record it and tell us the link. ;) I'll be praying!! ♥

Victoria Nyquist said...

will be praying for sure!! :)

Joni Lenzen said...

This will definitely be an exciting event . . .looking forward to helping . . .and praying for all of you. The Lord is really working in Big ways to put together the details . . . Love you!

Jessica said...

The conference sounds exciting! Praying that it all goes off without a hitch, and that God works on people's hearts!