Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Something Beautiful

What a song! I hope you took 3 minutes to pause and hear these 


What a prayer! This is my prayer. What is your prayer?
Maybe you are just waiting for "Something Beautiful" to touch you... to reach you...

My heart screams and cries that GOD is the one that is beautiful.
He is the only one for me! This life is too short to not acknowledge that HE IS THE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL!

I would love to share more with you friends.
His love is so real and beautiful - for you! Wherever you are at!

Be blessed!


Ginger said...

I LOVE this song it is my prayer anthem. I find myself singing it in my quiet time and I even downloaded it on my I-pod.

Sherrill said...

I love this song! My prayer is that people would see the beauty and freedom Jesus brings..He has changed my life, I just want everyone to know Him too!
Thanks Ria!

The Brownd Family said...

I love this song! It really speaks to me and says so much! My favorite line is "consume me like a fire"! SO POWERFUL! Have a great week Ria, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing! I've heard it before on the Christian radio station, but wasn't sure who sang it...thanks!

Natalie said...

I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Everytime I hear it on the radio I get SO excited : )

Anonymous said...

That is my prayer as well... That He would consume me like a fire and produce something beautiful from His Beauty. . . He is the only way to live, everything else is so empty. Isn't it? Great post, Ria. Love you girl.

Mateya said...

I LOVE this song! Everytime I hear it my heart just smiles! It's awesome!

Jessica said...

I love this song! I have listened to it pretty much nonstop lately, and it seems to be stuck in my head all the time too...such a great message!

Stephanie M. Page said...

Yes yes yes!! True True True!! And He is waiting to touch us, wanting it!!!! I love your heart and passion in this post Ri!!