Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Blogger Friends!

Hey all! Happy Wednesday –If the weather is as beautiful where you are as it is here… well… It is VERY hard to be inside :)

I wanted to take this blog to introduce some very special friends!

Blogger/Real Life Friends:

Meet Alyssa: High School Senior, Awesome Blogger! She is sooo great and It would be an encouragement if you were to follow along her life via blog world. She’s suppper cute, too!

Meet The Jones: This lovely couple was SO influential in my life @ The Honor Academy. Trace was the director and Randee is his lovely wife/was my manager in the Call Center for Acquire the Fire. They are in the process of Adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia. Ohhh man! It’s good stuff – Check them out!

I just wanted to give these 2 a SHOUT-OUT! I think they are great blogs and I wanted to share the L-O-V-E!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post… PHOTO UPDATE on our Hardwood Floor adventures. It looks sooo wonderful!


Oh and my BEAUTIFUL sissy is in Guatemala… Pray for her if you think of it! She is doing a Spanish School for 3 weeks. AMOR!


Unknown said...

HEY HEY! :) I am now...
1. Following both of these people!
2. PRAYING for your sister!! :)


Mateya said...

Ria! You look so darn pretty in that picture! I love it!

Randee said...

Ria- You are so sweet to "highlight" our blog! I am working on a new post and continue to be inspired by you. Love you!

Kinsey said...

YES! The weather has been amazing the past couple of days and today in Minnesota! I hope it stays like this :)

Lauren said...

I wish we were having amazing weather! Rain, rain & more rain. What a cute picture of you & your sis!

Lydia said...

I did not know that Jonna was in Guatemala! Awesome!

Appleshoe said...

Happy Wednesday to you to. I hope the two of you have been out on your bikes these past few days ;)

Lea Liz said...

Just recently started following your blog, love it!!