Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reflection Tuesday!


DSC09290 DSC09291 DSC09292

Wedding hair… I loved my wedding hair :) My friend and stylist did a fantastic job! Yay Brie! (disregard my silly face – wedding day silly-ness & lazy eye… haha)

I can’t help but get involved in all things Wedding related. I think we have 6 weddings so far this summer and I couldn’t be MORE excited!DSC09349

There is just something SO entirely magical! As I reflect on our wedding while planning/dreaming with others… one thing stands out:


Bottom line & I love that! I really felt that our wedding reflected Josh and I – people, people! We love people!! We had over 500 people at our wedding because that is who we are. Big party!


Reflecting on our wedding makes me think of BLOG world. What do I want my BLOG to reflect? My biggest prayer is that it will reflect Jesus. I love people. I love my blog friends – I love seeing into your lives. I love Jesus and he is WHY we are here today…

What I love even more is that I can be real and myself on my blog. Life is not always sunshiney. It can be hard and uncertain. I love hearing that people check in on my blog! I love running into people and having them know bits and pieces of our lives because of this blog.

For all you out there that read my blog… This is a sincere thanks! I am honored and BLESSED that you can see a little bit into Life as a Wife and what that really means! :)


Kimberly said...

Wow you had a big wedding! Love your wedding hair!!

Appleshoe said...

This was a very sweet post. That's a lot of people. I thought our 200 was a large crowd, but then again Bear and I are self-acknowledged hermits. And your hair... WOW!

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Love your hairdo!

My hubby and I didn't have a wedding event. We just registered our marriage officially and have a small lunch with our close friends and family members. But no regrets cos that's how we wanted it to be anyway, simple and fuss free. Sometimes I pity my friends who are all stressed up trying to arrange and be involved in all parts of the wedding that they don't seem to be having fun on their biggest day of their lives!

Anyhooo.... enough rambling. I would also like to thank God that I found your blog and hope we can be great bloggy pals! :D

Anonymous said...

I loved your hairdo! It is gorgeous!

This was a very sweet post. = )

Kenya said...

Over 500 people?!?!?! That's crazy huge!

Channa, Oh its the Coachs Wife said...

I love your hair! I totally agree with you about weddings, there is something that is just unspokenly magical about them!

PMerr said...
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beka said...

Sweet post, dear:)
Ah, I know. Realness is a bonus to be on our blogs...and I love checking in on your blog! :) You and your hubby are so cute, how many times have I said it... lol
Have a lovely day! <3

Lauren said...

Your wedding hair is beautiful! Love it! And I thought we had a big wedding with 300...500 YIKES!!!

And keep on sharing, I love reading about your not always perfect but always full of Jesus life!

Kinsey said...

I agree with you! Weddings reflect the couple and blogs reflect whatever you want it to reflect.

BTW - My favorite part of the summer is going to weddings ;) I'm in one in August. My BFF is getting married and I'm her maid-of-honor! It will be the seventh wedding that I've stood up for.

A GAL NEEDS... said...

That was a really sweet post! I love that you acknowledge Jesus and your hope that your blog goes that direction. This is a blog I will definitely want to continue following! Your hair looks beautiful in the pic! It looks so thick! Take care and have a great day!

Missie said...

I love your hairstyle! I bet a lot of girls are looking for a style like that for Prom season.

Anonymous said...

Looove your wedding hair!