Thursday, April 29, 2010

Apples of Gold

I haven’t posted too much about this incredible Mentoring opportunity that I’ve been a part of…  but it’s only because I have been SAVING it for one AMAZING recap post!


Apples of Gold is a 6 week mentoring program at our church. (others can do it too, the book is by Betty Huizenga) It is based off Titus 2 and the model of where the older women mentor the younger married women. It has been a TOTAL joy! Tonight is SADLY the last night and we are having a celebration at church where our HUBBYS come with! I am soooo looking forward to it.


Each week we had a different “theme” going on. The pictures I have are from our Valentines High Tea. It was SO much fun! We all wore vintage hats… (yes, i am most definitely wearing a pink one!) We also had a Thanksgiving Dinner, Easter Dinner, 4th of July Picnic, Chinese New Year’s, and celebrated Christmas!

The women prepare a delicious meal and we learn a cooking tip from them AND get all the wonderful recipes. It has been extremely inspiring and just so nice to know we WIFES are not in this alone :) God has provide mentors to help us learn and grow and it is OKAY to not know everything right away!! Anyone with me?

These are my sweet “classmates” and “co-mentees”. We have gone through this together and it has been a great blessing getting to know them.

L to R: Diana, Steph (sister-in-law), Me, Bre (someday sister-in-law – her older brother is my sister’s boyfriend!!!), and Anita. Bre is getting married this summer, I will be posting more about that soon. REALLY SOON!
All in all, I am going to miss having Apples of Gold on Thursday evenings. The incredible Mentors (SHOULD HAVE TAKEN MORE PICTURES OF THEM) … have definitely left marks on my life and I am so honored and humbled that I had the privilege to learn from them.

((If your reading this AOG Mentors… Thank you! You are such blessings and your time has been so valuable. Seriously!))


Joni Lenzen said...

I love it!! What an awesome ministry for these ladies to pour into you young budding women of God! I gave my Aunt the cookbook . . .can't wait to get mine . . .:)!!

Truly His said...

That is incredible... Praying that I can do something like that someday!! :)

Unknown said...

Hey Ria!!
Oh I'm so glad you had such a good time doing Apples of Gold. Actually, even though I'm not married yet (LORD-willing one day! :), my Aunt bought me the book by Betty and I can't wait to dive into it (when I'm a wife).
Anyway, wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing! So glad you learned so much. What a blessing!

Many blessings! Hope you have a great day!


Lauren said...

What a great ministry idea! Mentors can be so inspiring & encouraging!

Brittney Galloway said...

wow, that sounds like a great program!

Jami Balmet said...

Aaaw what an amazing oppurtunity!!! I have actually been looking for a good mentoring book! I'll have to check this one out! Your hats are so adorable ;)

Kinsey said...

That sounds like it was a ton of fun! Our church did a mentoring program for the confirmation class. My mom was one of the mentors :)

Wendy said...

As an older wife/mom who's mentoring through my blog and in person through my Moms' Group, I'm always encouraged to hear about others doing the same. It's so fun to be involved in younger gals' lives, and though I don't certainly know everything, it's a joy to share. I'm sure your mentors would say the same, that they were the ones blessed! I'm looking forward to finding out more about this ministry.
Thanks for sharing, Ria!
Faith's Firm Foundation

beka said...

That's so cool:) Sounds like a lovely time!

Jessica said...

What a great program! I wish my church would do something like this

Mateya said...

This is such a cool idea! What a blessing to be a part of that! I wish our church did something like that!

Stephanie M. Page said...

I am so glad we did this together!

Morgan said...

Oh my goodness, what a fantastic idea! Whoever came up with Apples of Gold is a genius! I love the idea of the older ladies helping the younger ones- people coming together to help one another and share their knowledge. That must have been such an incredible experience.