Wednesday, March 3, 2010


When I was 19 and just recently graduated from high school - I spoke to my previous high school, Concordia Academy on the topic of "Seasons". This was in front of all the students during a chapel. I was reminded of this recently by my dear friend Kate (Hi Kate!!). Seasons are a huge part of our lives! I REALLY wanted these high schoolers to get this!! I never could quite understand why the Lord would allow me to be a part of random things in my past as I always thought --for what purpose? But it finally clicked. It made sense.

Seasons teach us and bring us to where we are today. How appropriate, right? How cool that God set up the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall to reflect different things. Different weather climate. If you are from a state or country that does not experience all 4 seasons... I apologize. This Minnesota girl gets them all!!!! And... I love every. single. one. Well, maybe not so much Winter...but... I DO love the significance!

In talking about "Seasons" I love relating this to our real-everyday-lives. We go through things (like snow falls, rain falls, droughts, hot days) but they ALL prepare us for our future.

There is a time for everything, and a season for
every activity under heaven. Ecc 3:1

Story Time: In high school the Lord gave me the opportunity to be a part of promoting my high school. It is a program called Student Ambassadors. I loved every minute of it and I learned how to communicate effectively. I learned how to promote something I am passionate about. Well, these lessons translated into my post-graduation internship with Teen Mania. I was promoting a large youth event called Acquire the Fire. I had the skills built in from high school and the Lord used that season to prepare me for the NEXT season. See what I'm trying to get at here?? These skills are again going to play out in Josh and my future endeavors!

He uses the good, the bad, AND the ugly to prepare us. Well, I am back at that point again. I am trying to re-evaluate my "Season". I am asking the Lord to bring clarity into my life as to what IS the next step. What DOES he have in store for this next SPRING/SUMMER season? I am so ready. (And no, we are not PREGNANT -- I got a lot of questions asking this--- someday!!!)

My previous season was engagement... which was incredible!!

My now-season has been and will ALWAYS be learning what it means to live
Life as a Wife.

And what I do know is that this next season we are entering into is PREPARATION.

Preparation for our future.
Preparation for the times ahead with Josh's schooling. (Fall 2011 he will be student teaching)
Preparation for what IS in store for children, someday.

We are so excited!!! This is where my passions and spreading myself too thin can cause issues. I need to be reminded that our God is big enough. Our God has a plan - are we listening? Are we waiting to see what he wants to share with us in this season? I am so guilty of not pausing long enough to listen.

[....More to come!]


Mateya said...

This is so great Ria...I definitely needed to read this! It is so crazy how God works through others. I am trying so hard to work on having patience and listening to God's plan for Robbie and I but it is so hard sometimes! I need to focus more on pausing long enough to listen...thank you so much for sharing this!

Taylor-Made Wife said...

Great post! I have difficulties staying patient and listen to God's next step.

Julie Danielle said...

This is such a beautiful post! I didn't live somewhere with seasons until I was 26 years old. Now as winter ends and springs starts to emerge it is just a beautiful thing. And it really does connect to our lives. I really think seasons as such a good way to look at parts of our lives.

Mandi Miller said...

I agree! I know God uses the seasons to show us a picture of our lives! I am excited to find out what God has in store for you and your husband!

Ginger said...

Ria I have to tell you I've never thought of life in seasons that scripture you quoted is one of my favorites but I just never thought of applying it to life so much as time. I love the analogy there and can see clarity in the seasons of my life from evaluating them after reading this. Keep posting girl your spiritual journey is taking me on one of my own :)

Kristin said...

Girl, I needed this today. Thank you so much. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this :)

Callie said...

Great post! You are so right.

Ashley said...

Such a beautiful post. It is so amazing how the Lord works everything out the way He does. I always love thinking back to when I was saved, and just how perfectly He used everything. Some things that happened years before I was saved seemed so hard to other, but if He hadn't used them I may not be saved today.

He is just so amazing!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

What a beautiful post!

onlyhuman13 said...

Love this post! It is so very true. There is a season for everything and His timing is always perfect and beautiful. The changing of seasons is always an amazing time... both in life and with the weather.

Though, here in Kansas, just when we think the season's changed, it usually just jumps right back to the previous one. :)

Ms. J said...

I totally agree and have been going through similar a situation-wondering what God has in store for the next season of our life (a baby I hope!). With just getting married, my husband graduating college and hopeful plans to move back to NH and for him to get a job..there are so many unknowns. It gets overwhelming at times. but I love believing in te promise found in Proverbs 16:9 "The mind of a man plans his steps, but the Lord directs his steps." Trying to be content in the season that we are in is not always easy, but it's important to know that God has us here for a purpose and a reason :)

In NH we get all the seasons too! Love them all, but winter is a bit too long! But, hey sometimes we have those seasons in our personal lives too! haha

Claire said...

Thank you so much for this post :) I needed to reminded of the reality of seasons.... We are in such a season of WAITING right now, which just like winter, can be the hardest one. But in the season of waiting/winter.... there is the BRIGHT HOPE OF SPRING! Newness and striking beauty are to come! Thank you so much for this post. So beautiful. And I love the pictures... that shirt you're wearing is ADORABLE!

Jennie said...

LOVE your blog!! I found you through Kellys Korner and I look foward to reading more!

Sarah Ann said...

Sweet blog :) Glad I found it!
I'm your new follower!!

Sarah Ann

Lindsay said...

thats exactly what my recent "vlog" was about!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. Thanks for sharing it! Have a Blessed Evening!