Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grammy Joann!

I am proud to say that my dear (one-and-only living) Grammy Joann’s Birthday is today! Here is a tribute to her 78 years of life :) I am thankful for the crazy, fun, kooky, loving, inspiring and unique Grandma that she is!


We had the chance to go out to lunch with her on Sunday. It was fun for us all to be with her as she lives about 1 hour and 15 minutes away from us. We are all so busy and don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like.

Grams – why don’t you move closer?? ;)


Your two grand-daughters in MN love you very dearly! We think you are such a fun Grammy and have an amazing personality. It is always a hoot when we are together – you keep us smiling. (Have you eaten your potato chip yet?)


Here is the Lenzen/Thurston side of Gram’s family. My parents, sister and her boyfriend Kyle, Josh and I.

grammy1editThere is no one like our Grammy Joann Nelson. We are thrilled and blessed to have her as OUR Grammy! I couldn’t ask for a better one… and I never know when your “last” birthday may be, but I can’t help but cherish the memories and times we have ahead with you. Love you lots!


Joni Lenzen said...

This is very sweet!! What a great tribute to Grams!

Kinsey said...

Happy Birthday to your Grammy! Here's to many more years :)

whitney said...

how sweet! cherish the moment! my papa will be 93 on april second and has been on top of his game everyday until about two weeks ago. he's been in the hospital, and had two strokes in two days :(

Mateya said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday to your Grammy! :)

Plaid Eggnog (aka Julie and Steve) said...

Happy Birthday to your Grammy Joann! :-) Your description of her reminds me of my Gram, Pauline Golding. She's now in her 80s but doesn't look it - and she has the heart, energy and outlook of a teenager. If you call her, you'd better make it snappy because she's likely to be out with one of her friends...and to top it off, she's a very fine Christian lady. Thanks be to God for our wonderful grams!

beka said...

Aw! Love this post. :D
Dontcha just loooooove Grammies? ;)
Happy birthday to your Grammy.
Looks like you guys have fun!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Happy Birthday to your Grammy!!! Have a Great Day, Ria!

Jonna said...

Happy Birthday Grams!! Great post sister! I hope she ate that chip! ;) o man so many laughs! We love her, the one and ONLY!!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Happy Birthday to your Granny! You have a beautiful family!

Audrey said...

Ria -
What an awsome website! So much fun to see what's happening in your life. I'm sure your Grams has told you DOZENS of times that she shares a birthday with Doyle and John S., so we celebrate BIG on the 23rd:) Every year is a jewel and our lifetime friends are treasures. PTL for your dear Mom and your family.
Love you, Audrey

Morgan said...

Oh my goodness, you look just like her! That is SO CUTE! Your grammy sounds like such a sweet person. Happy (very belated) birthday to her!