Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Q&A: Post Dos

Beautiful, Beautiful Comments from you all yesterday! Thank you - I am glad that these questions AND answers are helping you guys out :) I love sharing but I love receiving feedback the most. A-w-e-s-o-m-e! I forgot to mention I blogged about our home HERE with the in-depth story :) (p.s. at the time I only had 5 followers and my pictures were upside down, haha)

Here we go for some more answers....

How long were ya'll together before you got married?
We say 3 years on & off. That may sound funny, but it is true! We dated our senior year of high school '07 and had to break up that summer. Again, this was our "year apart" and I posted the details HERE. We got back together in August '08 and were married the next September '09!! Woofta. I am sooo thankful '09 equaled marriage for us!

When and where was your FIRST kiss?
This has kind of a lame answer. I admire those who wait for their wedding or until they are engaged! WAY. TO. GO!! Our story was different... Josh kissed me after four months of dating... We were saying goodnight at my parents house... and peck, it happened. :)

What is your favorite physical feature of Josh?
He is SO handsome in every way. His spirit is sooo incredibly humble and it shows in his physical features. Not sure if that makes sense, but it does to me :) He has a cute smirk, too!

What is one habit or quirk of Josh's that you find endearing but someone else might find annoying?
Hmmm... that he snores? This was a hard one. I mean... he's pretty perfect ;)

What have you found is the best way to show Josh respect?
(Good question Heidi! Heidi was my RA during the "year apart" :)
TIME mostly. Josh is my quality time guy. He also loves to DO things for me or others. That is how he shows love. I can respect him by acknowledging that he is doing these things and show him how much I appreciate it. He just loves being WITH me. We don't have to do anything significant, but being together. I think that equals quality time, don't you?

I also show him respect by trusting his decisions and choices. This plays into submission - the Godly way! (p.s. I am still learning in this area and pray daily that I can learn to respect Josh and be the best wife possible to him! My desire is to be intentional and love like Jesus. Unconditionally, without requirements attached.)

What are your majors in school?
Josh: Social Studies Education (5-12th). He wants to teach History & Coach Football!
Ria: Communications. My dream is to be a SAHM tho and pursue photography/health & wellness. Communications will play a role and be helpful for my future :)

How do your hubby and you manage to make time for each other with your busy schedules?
God's grace and lots of it!! We have similar, but different schedules so our time balances out.
My schedule is the same everyday of the work-week: 11:30-6:00 p.m. Josh's schedule varies based on his class schedule (p.s. all my classes are taken online!). We have Monday & Wednesday mornings together and Monday & Thursday evenings!

When Josh is at work or I am at work - we try to do most of our homework. I feel like this question is much more complex than my answer... but somehow... we manage to not be doing homework 24/7 and find time to just BE. I love our mornings together! That is my favorite time! Also weekends are some of our favorite times - we love spending Saturday & Sunday's together.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?
YOU. Each of YOU! I love the blogging community where we can "do life together". I pray that my blog is an encouragement to those not married, newly married, or married for a long time. It is so encouraging and motivating to read all of YOUR blogs :) Keep blogging friends, I am so blessed by you!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Mini-moon: Duluth, MN right after our wedding for the long, labor day weekend! We love fall!
Honeymoon: Freeport, Bahamas!! We waited until January when Minnesota was freezzzzing & when we had time off from school.

Best decision we could have EVER made!! Here are the past posts: Mini-moon & Bahamas 1, 2, 3

What's the biggest piece of advice you'd give to an engaged couple?
Oh, wow. Probably that there is sooooo much more to marriage than just PLANNING the wedding. I think in the culture we live in - the wedding is made out to be such a huge ordeal. Yes it is sacred, yes it is important... but the reality is -> marriage is for L-I-F-E!

What's married life like? Who makes the bed? These answers to come tomorrow... :) Post Tres!


Mateya said...

Thanks again Ria...so great to learn more about you and Josh!

Ginger said...

great answers Ria I especially like your last one about marriage being so much more than a wedding. I always want to tell the young brides at our church that in two years it won't matter if your centerpeices weren't perfect or if you had sparklers at your send off it will matter that you prepared for marriage and are ready for the lifelong challenge and blessing it can be.

Lauren said...

Love your answer to the respect question! Respect is so important to our husbands & the submission part is huge! Can't wait to see all the other answers!

Claire said...

loved this post, and LOVE your prom dress!

Jamie said...

Ria, Got an award for you over on my blog!!!

Kayla said...

You guys are too cute! Just found your blog and it's adorable!

Jami Balmet said...

We have so much in common!! lol. I love hearing more about your life!! I wanna do questions like this on my blog ;)

I want to a SAHM as well and many people our age think I'm crazy for saying that. People who are older totally understand but not our age lol! Way to go! Being a full time Mother is one of THE BEST jobs you can have :D


Kristin said...

Love this! Learning more about you is awesome. You are such an amazing person to be able to complete your year program and be single throughout. That must've been so incredibly hard.

Cindy said...

Hi Ria...I'm a fairly new follower...last three weeks or so.

We have so much in common...I'm just 20 years down the road.

My hubby and I dated in high school, and married a year after I graduated. I hear so much of me/us in your writings...it's fun to feel those feelings again!!!

I still feel as happy as a newlywed...almost 20 years later!

Katelyn said...

Oh you are so cute!! I was trying to think of some questions, but it seems like everyone has covered them well! :) Cant wait to read Post "Tres"!...

Stephanie M. Page said...


Heidi said...

Ria- wow... loved your answer to my questions (and honored that it got a "great questions" remark)!! Mike LOVES to do little things too... and sometimes I'm not so great at saying thank-you or acknowledging them too... glad it's not just me!

Kelsey Claire said...

Oh I loved all of your answers and all of the pictures. You are a precious couple!

Addy Rose said...

Love these posts Ri! Thank you so much for being so open about your personal life! Love you!