Monday, February 22, 2010

Q&A: Part Uno

There were SO many great questions asked on my question post. I am so looking forward to answering them and giving you a deeper view into my Life as a Wife!

[Warning: This is the first post of THREE. Hope that's okay with you all :)]

Wedding/Preparing for Marriage Related Questions:

1. How did you guys pay for your wedding/honeymoon/expenses? Beyond that how did you save money?

Josh and I were engaged from December 23rd - September 4th (our wedding day). We knew that the engagement was coming since August (4months before Josh proposed). We had about a year to really be intentional with how we were going to spend and save our $$. The best decision we ever made was to LIVE AT HOME for these 12 months. We saved sooo much $$ because our parents are gracious and allowed us to live at home for free. (Thanks parents!)

We both were working full-time time at amazing-God-given jobs. Josh was taking a full load of credits in school and I was taking 3 classes. We held tight for the summer months when we could have more of a focus on planning the wedding. I LOVE planning things... so planning the wedding was a total joy for me! God was honestly in every. single. detail. From the cost of my dress... to the reception... and even down to the cost of fabric for the table cloths. The favor of the Lord went before us and I believe it was truly due to the fact that we obeyed him. If you don't know the story of our "year apart" - I encourage you to read THIS post.

Long story short... For our wedding my parents gave us a set budget to pay for expenses (which covered about half the wedding), Josh's parents helped with the rehearsal dinner, church expenses, and other random costs. We paid for the remainder of our wedding expenses, preparations for our new home including furniture, paint, misc. needs with the money we had saved. It was hard and a sacrifice, but SO worth it. Worth every penny of it. The Lord is really, truly the one that deserves the credit for every detail. He went before us and made a way. We were SO blessed!!

2. Being 20 years old how in the world did you manage to purchase your own home, pay for a wedding, and hold jobs without completing college?

One Word Answer = God. His ways are higher than our ways... he will do exceedingly, abundantly beyond what we could ask for or imagine. He did that! Josh's Dad, Mark is a Realtor and he helped us find an amazing home that was all together perfect. As our Realtor, Mark gifted us his commission as the down-payment (Thanks, Mark!). That was an amazing gift.
3. How did you and your hubby go about finding a place to live?

We wanted to find a central location for both of us. Blaine, MN seemed like the best option due to the location of my workplace and Josh's. It is a developing area and the townhouse units are perfect for newlyweds! So far we looooove the area and can't imagine moving to any other city. We have highways, a HUGE super target within walking distance, and bike trails EVERYWHERE. Spring, please come soon!!

4. I am a young bride too...did you ever think you were too young or feel the pressures from others saying you were too young to get married?

Yes, Yes, Yes. Especially being in a secular workplace... when people found out I was getting married - they questioned my decision. They knew I was young and thought I would be missing out on "life" if I got married. HELLO PEOPLE! I had to be really straight-forward with a lot of people and had the opportunity to share my heart (& faith!!). It made for some of the BEST conversations. Obviously God has had his hand in our relationship... and I couldn't imagine spending my "life" with anyone else, but Josh :)

Quite honestly though, we have THEE BEST PARENTS. After the initial shock, my parents were an amazing support. Josh's parents were our cheerleaders. We couldn't have gone forward if they were not behind us 100%. Our siblings were amazing in supporting us too. This was a huge blessing and we couldn't have done everything without them.

5. Favorite part of wedding?

Finally saying... "I DO!" and being married to my best friend, Joshua Mark Thurston. Josh says his favorite part was "It being over... and being able to relax :)". There is a little truth to that too!!

Q&A: Part Dos (coming tomorrow!)


Kelsey said...

I LOVE reading these! Thanks for sharing!

Ms. Diva said...

In college I had a friend that prayed for a house with a white picket fence. The day after their wedding, there it was! They got married young like you and now more then 20 years later, they are still married!!!

Jamie said...

Ri, I've been to Blaine many, many times. My husbands parents do not live far from there. We've been married 20 years this past December and I am so happy to hear about a young couple who starts their life out on the right financial foot. Good post.

Claire said...

I didn't see your question post, but I'm loving reading these answers! I love getting some insight in to your life and your marriage! So many things are similar to my own journey, and I'm having fond memories of our Facebook correspondence... way back when! As my Christian sister, can I say... I'm proud of you! I'm so proud of you and Josh for following God and seeking to honor him in every detail of your lives. Praying that God will BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY in your marriage, forever and always!

Claire said...

(I'll go read the question post now!!!)

Lauren said...

Love reading your answers and how you both seek God is your life on a regular basis! So refreshing to see! I'm also loving all these pictures...LOVE the one of you painting in your new house! So Cute!

Mateya said...

Thanks for answering! I am looking forward to the rest of the questions and answers!

P.S. I left you some love over at my blog!

Jami Balmet said...

Aaw I love this idea of the questions!!!!! This is such a great idea!!!

And I can totally identify with you on these! Being young and married is HARD! People were so hostile to us before we got married. The question they always asked was, "Are you Pregnant?" I got sooo sick of that question!!! lol!

But I agree, through all of that became great times to share my faith and who I am with them.

Thanks for being open and sharing a bit of your life with us :D

Jami Balmet said...

Hey Ria! I just sent you an email! Sorry it took so long!! Good luck and hope it all works! Can't wait to see the fun changes you make!

Joni Lenzen said...

What a wonderful recap of your early experiences of entering into marriage! You were SO right on with all of the events . . .and YES . was all about the favor Of GOD . . .we still have the whiteboard where Jonna wrote it all down . . .remember :) You and Josh are an amazing testimony to the Lord's blessing going before you in everyway. We couldn't be happier for you both!!! We love you! MOM

Newlywed Next Door said...

Great post!

Interesting story about your time apart too!

I can see what you mean about a secular workplace being judgemental. But you knew this was God's plan for you and went for it! You guys are awesome!

Katie said...

I find it so refreshing that you give all the glory to God! Especially since we live in a "me first" society. You are right on that sacrifice now can, and usually does, lead to a better life in the future! Way to hold fast - I bet the Lord has some amazing plans for you!

and thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great week! :)

Mrs. Mama said...

I loved all your pictures! And your answer to the favorite part of the waiting... that's the best!

Katelyn said...

oh I love the answers to all your questions!! I've been blog-absent lately and must have missed the call for questions, but I cant wait to hear more!!!

Mandi Miller said...

I love how you give all the credit to God! He will do far more than we can imagine when we let Him!!

Laura said...

I love how similar you guys are to my fiance and me! It's so much fun seeing how God has blessed you!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I loved reading your inspiring to hear your faith in God!!!! :)

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

cute cute and I relate as well. love the pictures :)

Unknown said...

I love your blog Ria! I wanted to tell you that I have chosen you as a recipient for a blog award. Check it out over at my blog!