Monday, February 1, 2010

Nail polish Winner!

Hiya Friends,

Happy start to a newwww week! This week is busy with school, work, grocery shopping, meeting up with some friends, and spending quality time with my handsome husband! I couldn't ask for anything better :)

I wanted to share the winner of the giveaway...

Mateya, Congrats!
You have a gorgeous name and fun story... Check out her blog!

This will be in the mail and on it's way to you later this week! Comment with your info :) So happy to meet you in "blog" world. You were randomly chosen on Excited to get to know you and read your blog more!

Everyone else... maybe next time? There are SO many fun giveaways going on in blog world. It is a phenomenon. A nice one, in fact!

Blessings on everyone's week!


Mateya said...

Thank you so much are too sweet! I emailed you my address! This is my first ever giveaway win...thanks again! Kind of shocking to see my face plastered on your blog :)

Alissa said...

Congrats to the winner darn maybe next time.

Lindsay said...

oohh fun nail color!! Enjoy Mateya!

A Wedding Story said...

Bummer, sorry I didn't know about this one!

Mrs. B said...

Gorgeous color! Congrats! :)