Sunday, January 10, 2010

I love Honeymooning!

Here I am Bahamas Pictures and all. I am currently having a “honeymoon” letdown. It’s over! Sad, oh so sad. We did have an amazing and blessed time away. It was so rejuvenating and refreshing to just be with my hubby for 10 FULL days. 24/7. For sure the MOST time we have spent together! We normally have to go to work/school/social activities and don’t get that face-time 24/7. I learned so much about the love of my life! I am one blessed lady… that is FOR sure!

Okay … onto pictures [warning: there are SO many, but still had to cut TONS!]. We arrived & this was our view. Slightly cloudy, but not too bad.

We stayed at a Resort called, Tanio Beach in Freeport. It was a good experience overall. I just had to use patience at times when the service was not very sweet to us. Love, Love, Love… that is what it’s all about… side note: Mark & Sherrill provided our accommodations via there timeshare – THANKS SO MUCH!!! Our room was incredible! Behind the bed was a hot tub! We love that! Half-kitchen came in handy for breakfasts & one dinner in the room.

I prayed for 4 of the 8 days to be beautiful. See my previous post. The weather predictions were for a cold front. Yep, God is faithful! Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday were hotsie totsie! What a true blessing!

Who does not L-O-V-E to eat? We had some great meals… it was kind of weird going out for practically EVERY meal. I guess that is part of vacationing/honeymooning!

One of our most FAVORITE spots was at The Island Java. (a coffee shop in downtown Port Lucaya, where all of the restaurants were). It was truly delicious. These were my favorite….

We made SO many memories on this trip. Josh and I decided that we are going to take a “honeymoon” EVERY year, because it is that much fun! We took the ferry a lot from our resort into the downtown marketplace. We went to the casino… and… I won! Big $$! $20! It was pretty exciting, as I am not normally one to go into Casinos. We met some funny people during our time at the Resort. We mostly kept to ourselves! I mean, ‘come on, it was our HONEYMOON!

Steph, Josh’s sister lived in the Bahamas and actually met her hubby, Chris there while doing missions work. It was fun to be on the soil of where they fell in love!! She suggested we go to The Lucayan National park. Oh. My. Goodness. It was GORGEOUS! There were caves… but the best part… Gold Rock Beach

Pure Bliss! We practically had the whole beach to ourselves. We set up our own little “area” and sunbathed…read…played skip-bo…and made some fun memories :)

Now… for the absolute hands down BEST part of our time in the Bahamas.

My lifelong dream fulfilled! I have always wanted to para sail. How special to spend this with my darling husband. He had to talk himself into wanting to go, because he is slightly afraid of heights. After… he told me how much he enjoyed it! SUCCESS!

If you EVER get the opportunity – DO it! It is one of the most exhilarating experiences. It felt like we were flying! We had a birds-eye view of the Grand Bahama Island. It was oh so VERY cool!

Our devotion times were spent mostly on the beach. I loved this part of our trip too! Josh and I are reading through Luke & a book called, “The First 90 days of Marriage” (we are past 90 days… but it’s still a REALLY good read}. It was so fun to have that time with him in the word & praying! We also enjoyed our separate quiet times. I really could get used to mornings on the beach!

I also proudly finished this book:

Have you been to The Bloom book study blog yet? This is the book they choose & it was INCREDIBLE! A life-changing story of 2 men, from 2 totally different worlds... brought together by one’s wife! You HAVE to check it out! The study hasn't officially started, but I wanted to get ahead in the book. Didn't think I would FINISH.

We had one last night on the town before we left for home… Isn’t my husband SO VERY HANDSOME?

Love, Love, Loved our Honeymoon! I understand why it is totally necessary in the first part of marriage :) We learned a lot about each other & dreamed many things about our future. I am thrilled to spend the rest of my life with Joshua by my side. I couldn’t have imagined spending this trip with ANYONE ELSE. I love you, baby!

Ps. For the complete album of pictures you can find it HERE. Also – I loved reading all the comments from my readers while we were away! You all are great. Thanks for being so excited for us! I am catching up on all your lives now – Comment, Comment! I totally enjoy acknowledging all of you!


Elizabeth said...

It looks like you and your husband had an amazing honeymoon in the Bahamas! Aren't honeymoons awesome? It is a special time to connect with your husband on many different levels. As soon as we returned I was talking about the next vacation I wanted to take. I think it is very important to get in your couple time!

Ps: I am jealous of your tan! I'd love some vitamin D here!

Jessica said...

Wow, it looks like you had such a great time! I loved looking at your gave me a little taste of summer even though it's FREEZING and snowy here. What a beautiful honeymoon! I think it's a great idea to take trips just the two of you. I can't wait until the next time I get to do that with my husband!

Claire said...

You both look so gloriously sun-kissed!!! Welcome home! Isn't it so wonderful to have a best friend you can share every beautiful moment of life with? The romantic sunsets of a honeymoon... and the totally un-romantic times when you're sick and grubby! Marriage is such an amazing thing and I'm so thankful that God gave us that gift! Thanks for sharing your honeymoon with us! You're making me think that Bryan and I should plan one soon!

Stephanie M. Page said...

Chris and I looked at ALL your pics last happy you guys had such a great time!! YAY!!! so beautiful. love. it. love marriage...yay!!!

Hannah Pickar said...

Do you and Josh get to do devos together in the mornings when you're home? So sweet to hear about your lovely trip.

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Oh wow...those pictures are just gorgeous! The food looks amazing and how cool that you went parasailing!! :)

Joni Lenzen said...

Ria, reading your thoughts about marriage, the time in the Bahamas and all that you and Josh are learning and exeriencing together is SO sweet and inspiring!! We are thankful for the FUN you had, but more than that, you are establishing a firm foundation for your future. The strength of your relationship NOW . . .and truly being INTENTIONAL about getting to know each other will bring lifelong benefits!!! You and Josh are such awesome examples to all of us!!! We love you and we love Josh . . .<3 MOM

Kenya said...

Glad you had a wonderful time on your honeymoon.. Your pics are great!

Lindsay said...

oh wow, love the beautiful colors of that ocean! a little jealous ;-) Welcome back, so glad you had a wonderful time!

The Clements Crew said...

Sounds wonderful!!! I have to say, I love all your headbands. You look so cute! The First 90 days of marriage book sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out. Also, I think going on a honeymoon each year sounds like the BEST idea. I'll have to start scheduling our honeymoon for 2010! :)

Truly His said...

Ri Ri!!! Loved it!!! :)

So glad you guys had a BLAST! It looked beautiful. I can't wait for our phone date TOMORROW! I want to hear it ALLLL :)

Love you!

Unknown said...

Aw, the picturs are precious!! Something that you will always have of your honeymoon together with your husband!! Actually, shall I say *firt* honeymoon! :) It sounds like you two want to go on tons more!! But you know what? I'll never forget what my Mother told me, once a long time ago, after I had commented on how long I would like to go for my honeymoon. She said, "Raquel, even when you get back from your honeymoon, your marriage life will always *be* a honeymoon - if you make it!" I'll always remember that! :) So, I encourage you to take that advice! Perhaps you can do some fun little things for your good-looking (yes, he is! :) husband - maybe plan a little decorating and make the living room resemble someplace that you went to in the Bahamas...make some yummy "Bahama-style" food and have a fun evening! :) Just an idea! :)
Anyway, thanks for sharing the pictures!! LOVELY!! My parents went to Hawaii for their 20th wedding anniversary (and their "second" honeymoon...although, they never really had a first one in the first place. Their work only let them have 3 days off from work after the wedding, and they couldn't go anywhere. So they just stayed at a fancy hotel in downtown Portland, Ore...not the best honeymoon :P) Anyway, so they just LOVED Hawaii...even thinking about moving there!
Well, I'm so glad that you and your hubby had a blessed time!! Remember to keep GOD the center focus of your marriage!!

Love ya both!
~Miss Raquel

Sonja Anderson said...

Oh my word I LOVE your beautiful honeymoon pictures!!! May the honeymoon continue forever! Ok, maybe not eating out for every meal, the other part of it, the connecting and extra face-time! :) Yay!

David@noisecake said...

Josh - those chairs are baller!

katie said...

What a wonderful honeymoon! It really is such an incredible special time to share. PTL for good weather! And that food looks delicious.