Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting MY act together.

Oh life gets so busy. So fast. How does that happen?
I have felt slightly overwhelmed since returning from our glorious trip away...
  • Josh and I started school again this week!
  • As you know we got a "welcome home" gift.
  • We were totally out of groceries (planned, because of our trip).
  • Our house is messy/not organized :(
  • There is always something "else" to do!

Today, I am blessed by the simple fact that I have another opportunity to LOVE and LIVE. I have life. I am getting my act together by reminding myself that life is too short to fret, be negative, or get caught up in the "small" things.

We will know more on our house situation by the end of today. The insurance "assessment" is taking place at 2pm today. I am believing for a good outcome. I know we will for sure need new carpet... still holding tight for that hardwood floor :) Thanks for all your encouragement on my "positive" attitude. Josh and I are just trying to remain Joyful in all circumstances. What a fun way to live life!

I want to acknowledge some people and thank them for the fun, blog awards! You are all so sweet :) I love the blog world!

Bethany, Mandi & Claire! Sorry this is so belated. Oh, how I appreciate you ladies and learning more about your lives.

I wanted to also introduce you to some NEW bloggers. I love when I can inspire or share with others about how fun this truly is. Here are my friends!

  • Katy -Who was a bridesmaid in my dear friend Chana's wedding! She just blogged all about the beautiful ceremony!
  • Heidi - Just got engaged! I am so excited for her! She was my RD during the year at The Honor Academy internship I was a part of. She is my "vision" mentor for life. I am blessed by her!

Bless you, sweet people. I hope you are encouraged today. There is always something to be thankful for! :)


Lauren said...

Good luck with your insurance company--hopefully they are compassionate on you!

Unknown said...

When I read what you write.... it is always such a breath of FRESH air. :) Keep bloggin!

Love you lots and SOOOO hoping you get that wood floor! (I will have hope if you get it... i want them in my house! )


Melissa said...

A similar thing happened a couple years ago to my parents. They were able to get hardwood instead of carpet because of the amount of insurance money. Good luck!

KJ said...

Love your blog- just came across it! Congrats on your wedding and honeymoon- looked amazing! And I saw that you were reading Same Kind of Different As Me- I just started it! :) Stop by and say hi sometime.

David said...


hopefully you don't mind me mentioning this in the comments but I have started a new blog as well! Anyone interested in music should check out a new blog three friends and I started just a couple weeks ago -

noisecake ->

Blog awards? Cool.

Gloria said...

What wonderful comments Ria. Too bad about the flooring, water damage, etc., but God knew you had this great attitude and could deal with it...He knew you would share your thoughts and feelings and others would learn from it. How to have a positive attitude and still be able to say, "Thank you God! for Life" You are a sweetie and your words have picked me up this evening. Keep it up.

Elizabeth said...

Gotta love awards!!!! Thanks for becoming a follower.... I'm now too a follower!! Looking forward to getting to know you my lady!! Such a cute blog!!

Kenya said...

I hope everything turns out ok with the insurance and house. What a bummer to come back from a great honeymoon to that, but you are right, keep your head up and be joyful that it wasn't anything too serious and that you and the hubby are healthy and happy. That's what matters the most. :)

Audra said...

You & your hubby are so cute! It's so great "meeting" another young wife who loves the Lord!! Your blog is very pretty! How do you get the widgets on both sides!? I have been trying to figure that out!

I totally know how it feels to "get your act together" life just gets away from you so quickly! Look forward to reading more! :)