Sunday, December 6, 2009


We had such a good weekend! Josh and I enjoyed going to Planet Wisdom and felt so blessed to hear from Dawson McAllister. Have you heard of Dawson McAllister? High School was the first time I realized who he was... he had Dawson McAllister LIVE on KDWB (MN secular radio station). I found out an amazing fact this weekend... he is not only on Minnesota radio but on radio stations in more than 140 cities in the USA! WOW!

He has his program on secular radio stations and encourages young, broken people to call in for help! They have a hope line that is staffed with Christians who are ready to encourage and pray for those on the other end of the line. Those on the other end of the line are hurting teenagers with REAL issues. Hard issues. Issues that are uncomfortable and not talked about enough. Side Note -> Anyone can volunteer to be a part of the "Hope Line" all you need is a phone, computer & take an online training. I am HIGHLY considering this!

The whole weekend was about the last 14 hours of Jesus Christ's life on earth. Jesus, a man who CHOOSE to come to earth as a baby (Christmas!) to live and grow as a man... just to die (Story of Easter). He lived to die. Let me just write that one more time... HE LIVED TO DIE. Jesus Christ. For you and for me.

Unbelievable. There was no fluff in the teachings this weekend and they were quite intense, but so is the story of Christ. Intense. I had some ahhh-ha moments this weekend but one thing that stood out the most to me was this...

Before they took Jesus down from the cross, they wanted to make sure he was fully dead. They would normally break the legs of those being crucified, because it would then prevent them from using their legs to push up for more air. Instead, they just walked by Jesus and it was obvious he had died. One of the solider men decided to pierce him in the side just to double check. How rude!

When I have heard this in other teachings or read it in the bible... I envision "his side" as being directly in the side. According to scholars and those that have done lots of research in the original Greek language - they actually pierced him under his right rib. Hello! That is where our gallbladder is. I have written about my gallbladder here. I have had problems with gall attacks and just excruciating pain in my upper right side under my right rib. I have gotten this problem checked medically with blood tests, ultra sounds, etc. Everything. Each time it comes back normal. Nothing is wrong. I feel like in this moment of revelation this weekend - It was as if God was saying... Ria, in these moments of pain... REMEMBER ME.

REMEMBER. Remember that I paid the ULTIMATE price for you. For your sins. This is just a slight taste of it...! Thank you JESUS CHRIST!

(I apologize that this is not a feel good post & not many pictures - I was just so challenged this weekend and hope that in this season of Christmas... that we can REMEMBER him!)


Jonna said...

SISTER..what a great reminder! I love when Jesus reveals himself like that! SO COOL! Its easy to forget what he actually did for us. Man, He is always so good and patient with us! love you sissy! :)

Alyssa said...

good topic. Thanks again Ria for driving us, I had a blast:)