Saturday, December 19, 2009

NEW tradition!

My artistic & wonderful mom decided to start a NEW tradition this year. I love traditions! I was very excited about it :)

Cookie Painting!

Oh, not just cookie decorating - no, no, no. That is tooooo ORIGINAL. Cookie painting is creating a work of art... well... ON a cookie.
Wonderful, fun, & creative. Here are some fun pictures with my fabulous family. Above is some of our masterpieces!

We had such a fun time creating & being together. It was almost like "therapy". So good for our brains! Above is EVERYONE.
Top: Steph (sister-in-law) holding Olivia, Jonna (my older sister) holding Aimee, Laura (sister-in-law), Me.
Bottom: Sherrill (my mother-in-law) & Joni (my mama)

Andddd... Tomorrow is THIS girl's 3RD BIRTHDAY!
Here she is with her "special" birthday hat :)Aimee! See you tomorrow... for a post about Aimee! Happy Saturday!


Brittney Galloway said...

Wow, that is such a neat activity! Do you think you could get the recipe for the icing? Thanks!

Cameron Ensz said...

Ria! This is super legit! I love seeing when families get together for sweet events like this! Keep it up, God is good!

Sarah Heineman said...

o my goodness! these are so so cute! you should really post the recipe for the icing!

Bethany said...

Adorable! So creative! :)

Courtney said...

This looks like soo much fun!! Something I definitely want to do with my little one some day :) And your cookies look great! :)

joni lenzen said...

Yes Ria . . .this certainly was an incredibly fun and creative adventure. Thank you posting the pictures and highlighting it on your blog . . . I feel like I am famous now!!

Anonymous said...

cool i like that idea! it sounds fun!

TTYGL (talk to you guys later)

Elizabeth said...

I love these cookies :)
Very creative & festive!
I am with Brittney... any special recipe for the icing? I'd love to make these too sometime!

PS: Thank you for your comment a few days back. It made my day. I am posting a link to your blog from my site :) It's such a joy to read your posts.