Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lenzen Family Christmas

I wanted to start off my saying Thank you for your kind comments on me not feeling well! Today was a day of sneezing. Not fun, but I know this silly cold is on it's way out... Yay!

Josh and I had our last Christmas Celebration of 2009 this afternoon. It was with my Dad's side of the Family... The Lenzen's. A fun little fact is that my daddy is the youngest of 9 children. Yes, 9! It is quite fun to gather all together and celebrate. It does not happen often, as you can only imagine that with 9 siblings comes children, grandchildren... etc. It is quite the crowd!

Growing up my sister and I always looked forward to the "Lenzen Family Christmas" party. I found out that a lot of my aunties & 2nd cousins read my blog! I wanted to give them a shout out :) Hi, cute family!! I am blessed to have you in my live...

[6 of the siblings+families pictured above]

We started playing Second Chance Santa a few years ago & my goodness... we always make out with some great presents! This year Joshy and I got a Santa Plate [for our future little ones someday to leave out for Santa] & Gingerbread candles... yummm!

My parent's got a DART board - Way to go, dad. He stole it from his sister-in-law, Barb. I should have mentioned the game can get kind of intense! :) It's all done in love! Do you play fun games as traditions for your Christmas Celebrations?

Well... 2010 is just around the corner! This week, I plan to spend each day reflecting on the goodness of Jesus Christ in 2009. He has been so faithful and true, yet again. His love NEVER fails! (1 Corinthians 13) Happy Evening, Friends & Family!


Beth Balmanno said...

It *is* a fun time, isn't it?! So glad you and Josh could make it!

Joni Lenzen said...

Ria . . .of course yet another sweet blog from you!! Thanks for sharing. I am continually amazed by all your do . . .and loved the post about our own family Christmas as well! I am proud to be your Mama!

Kelsey said...

Looks like a fun time! We play something like that too I think... where we pick a present to open or "steal" one from someone who has already opened. It's always a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

I love our Christmas party!