Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Have been Tagged... :)

My sweet friend, Shani gave me the "Tag" award. I've been tagged! How fun is this? Blog world never seizes to amaze me...

The point is to share 7 things you may not know about me & then tag 7 more people...

Before I take a break from my regularly scheduled program on my blog [is it ever regular?]- I just wanted to mention a few things... *Thank you all for the sweet comments on our family cat, Tobie. All is well! We obviously will miss her, but good comes from all things. *Secondly, I am having some dear friends for dinner!! I can't wait. I love entertaining [even though I am an entertainer-in-training :)] post to come!

Here goes...

1.) My FULL name is Ria. Daily I get asked if "Ria" is short for something. Nope. Nada. My parent's wanted to be different & unique. I am named, Ria. My sister is named, Jonna. My parents are Ray & Joni. They stuck with a theme of R's & J's. Pretty cute, right? [oh... it gets better...] I married a Josh! A "J" name... therefore... we may just stick with tradition when we have babies... you'll have to wait and see! [no, we are not pregnant.. but i'm sayin' someday!]
[Jonna, Ray, Joni, Ria, Josh]

2.) I really love to clean! Okay, maybe this just began when I moved into our town home... [my mom will probably have a different view on this ;)] I really enjoy having a clean house & making sure things are organized. I probably got a little bit of this from my friend, Stefie. She ALWAYS loved cleaning. Josh maybe is not the happiest with this part about me... but... he loves me anyways. Thanks, Honey!

3.) When I was in high school I wanted to be a cosmetologist. My mom thought it would be good if I got a job at a hair salon... to see if I liked it. I started when I just turned 16 as a "towel girl". As a result of working at the salon... I probably had ever different hair color possible! I loved the job and quickly moved from "towel girl" to "Client Coordinator" (receptionist), but realized that it was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I have great memories & friends that help a sister out with hair! It is a HUGE blessing. Yes... I will include pictures of my crazy hairstyles!

4.) Josh and I went to the same high school for 4 years. It was not until the END of our junior year/summer before Senior year that we started talking. Bizarre! We came from two TOTALLY different friend groups... and God had a plan. One of my best friends actually started to like him before me. That's why we started hanging out. Crazy! Thanks, friend!

5.) How I met Shani, was because we both went to Uganda, Africa in June, 2008. It was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever been a part of. The brokenness was such a reality, but the love was even more rich. They had nothing, yet they still loved us while we were there. I posted a little about the experience HERE. I will never be the same again, because of that trip.

6.) I am an aspiring photographer! I have a blog HERE that features some of my photography. Beggining in January - I am taking a class on photo shop & excited to learn more about it! One of the scariest things for me would be to shoot Weddings. I said I never would. Well, never say NEVER... I have 2 set up for 2010. EEK! Both of the brides are friends & are so loving and kind to me. They are allowing me to gain experience and learn. What a blessing! Don't you worry... I will share the final product with you darling blog readers!

7.) I am currently in school for Communications. I work for an amazing company that is providing me with tuition reimbursement. It is one of the biggest blessings in our life! Schooling can be outrageously expensive & God is so faithful! It is hard work, but I am hopping to have my BA by Jan, 2013. That seems SO far away... but that is only 3 years! I am not entirely sure what I will do with my degree, but what I do know is that education IS good to have. My dream is and always has been to be a Mama! I know that will be my full-time occupation, but it is always good to have some "background".
Now - I proudly "TAG" by fun blog friends...

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Brittney Galloway said...

Thanks for tagging me! I loved the pics of your hairstyles!

Anonymous said...

Wow those hair styles! Crazy to see you with block hair! You are beautiful no matter what hair style you have! I love you girl, loved reading your 7 things! Have a blessed day!


The Clements Crew said...

Thanks for the tag!! I've never been tagged before! :) I enjoyed reading more about you! :)

Unknown said...

Ria! This is great! I just finished mine! Had to come over to your wall and say "CHECK MINE OUT! " :)

Also. Can you please show me how to "beautify my site" :) I need your help! You just started blogging and are way more advanced than I! :) HELP!

Love you girl! You are such a sweet thing!

ALso. Be looking for a Christmas Card. I got yours and it is adorable!

Sometime we need to get together for you to take Tristan's pictures ;) k??

xoxoKrysten said...

I love your unique name! And that is way too cute that you married someone with a 'J' name. Totally meant to be!

Katelyn said...

Your blog is so precious! We have a lot in common! I am really interested in photography too and I'm slowly but surely learning and teaching myself.... and I'm also a pretty crazy cleaner! ;)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!