Friday, December 11, 2009

Have you seen the movie, Nanny Diaries? Oh... how it broke my heart... big time last night. Josh & I have a Netflix account & I put it in our "queue" without fully reading the description. I have nannied in the past & thought it would be interesting. It starts off with this gal, Annie who is trying to figure out WHO she is. She just graduated from college, but felt incomplete with her degree. Hmm.. she examined the lives of several other women & in the meantime a nanny job presented itself to her.

She took it and soon realized that she was RAISING this little boy. The mother and father were TOO busy. The poor, cute little boy was like an "accessory" for his parents. It was really disturbing. It broke my heart for all the children that get shoved to the side. I nannied for a family, and at times felt like I was their mama. It was a great job & I loved every minute, but it can be hard to find a balance.

I laid in bed last night feeling so upset! I was just crying and my caring husband just couldn't figure me out... he wanted to fix it! Oh, he is so caring. He just held me and said "Ria - don't worry - we will never have a nanny." Thanks honey! I mostly just hope and pray that we would never, EVER be parents like that. Children are to be cherished & loved. Not treated like an inconvenience :(

Ugh. Sorry to be all Debbie downer, but my goodness... I still feel frustrated by it. God gives grace. Yes! I believe he gives grace to parents who struggle to actually parent, as well. I am not even there yet... but know I, we will need grace!!

Onto happier things...

Tonight!! Some of the cute college aged girls from our Church are getting together for dinner, a photo scavenger hunt, movies, dessert & a sleepover. I am really looking forward to it! I am praying that God would be glorified & that new friendships/mentorships will be developed. What a cool thing to me Girl's/Women. These are more like young ladies... hello! I will be sure to post plenty of pictures this next week! Promise!
Also - stay tuned for our play date with our adorable, almost 3 year old niece - Aimee Marie on Saturday. Josh & I are SO excited!! We have some fun things planned... :) I love it! I love her! You can see pictures of this cutie here!

Enjoy your weekends! I plan to check in tomorrow :)


Gail said...

That's so odd - THat movie is advertised to play here tonight on tv... and was thinking it looked cute. But maybe I'll give it a miss.

The girls night sounds great! Have a awesome time!

Anonymous said...

My sister watched that movie for a cultural paper she wrote. I wasn't in the room the whole time, and normally was just hearing the diolog, but I agree, it was hard just to listen to. I am so thankful that my parents found me preshis, even when I was somewhat of a burden.

DC said...

HAHA oh my gosh I laughed when I read this:

"I was just crying and my caring husband just couldn't figure me out... he wanted to fix it!"

Not the fact that you were crying but the fact that this sounds so much like something I would do. If Victoria was all upset about something like that I would just be trying to fix it. Guys naturally and always will want to FIX stuff! Trust me, that's what we do!