Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Traditions!

Josh and I were so excited to plan out our own set of Christmas Traditions this year! Our FIRST Christmas together as a married couple :) We wanted to plan traditions that would carry into our lives when children enter the picture...

Here they are:

1. Purchase a new pair of Christmas Jammies to wear on Christmas eve
[and maybe one other night leading up to Christmas...]

2. Fall asleep watching a Christmas Movie [on Christmas Eve]... Charlie Brown Christmas is this years selection!

3. ...While sleeping on a mattress under the Christmas Tree

4. Wake up to Stockings on Christmas Morning

5. Make yummy Omlettes & Hasbrowns for breakfast on Christmas morning.

Enjoy your Christmas Traditions today :) Again...

Now we are off to Celebrate with Josh's side of the family. Yay for Christmas!


Brittney Galloway said...

So cute! I can't wait until we are out on our own and can start our own traditions! Merry Christmas!

Sonja Anderson said...

Oh my word, I am LOVING the Christmas jammies idea, and your pictures are priceless! ;) What fun traditions to start now!

Bethany said...

What neat traditions! We always watch Charlie Brown Christmas as well on Christmas Eve. :)

Unknown said...

I love looking at other peoples traditions. Zach & I are thinking about all of ours... I have decided that sometimes you have to make them up as you go along. :) Yes. That's what I keep TELLING myself. :)

Love youuu.

Marsha Cherie said...

:) LOVE this post <3 Glad to hear you had a beautiful snow storm! I somehow miss the MN winter.. even though it was so bitterly cold, it was also stunningly beautiful!
We had a white Christmas-eve :) and a rainy Christmas day.. but that just made for many safe travelers :)

Merry Christmas, and a glorious 2010 to you and yours <3