Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Early?!

I have been feeling VERY blessed these past few days... It is like Christmas is coming early!

1. On Monday my beautiful mom drove to my work to say hello AND drop off a gift. It was a gift from a really kind & sweet lady that was in the same Bible Study as us this summer. She is from Malaysia originally & had just returned from a visit to Vietnam and Malaysia. She brought my mom, sister, and I each gifts. How kind of her! She bought me this adorable & fun sweater. It is super warm... perfect for these cold, winter days! Thanks, Connie <3

2. At work yesterday one of the bosses in my department sent out an email stating he had FREE tickets to the Minnesota Timberwolves game. Woo Hoo! I immediately thought of Josh, Dad, Mark (my father-in-law) & Chris (my brother-in-law, hubby to Steph) I had 3 tickets. Mark was unable to go and we could not get a hold of Chris :( Bummer! I was not planning on going, because I am not a huge Timberwolves fan at all and I had other commitments... but my manager REALLY encouraged me to go. He said it would be a good time to network & get to know others in our company. I felt perplexed, because I had already made another commitment. I called & felt released from the other commitment and knew that it was right for me to go along with Josh & my dad. It may have been slightly awkward, because it was a suite at the Target Center that our company owns. Not just free tickets to sit anywhere...

Turns out, it was a fun time! There was free food, drinks & fun. What a blessing! A little mid-week treat. Here are some "cell phone" pics. Terrible quality, I apologize. I did not have time to bring my little baby (a.k.a camera).

I hope you are experiencing some early Christmas treats!


Unknown said...

Looks like some great gifts!

Thanks you for leaving me a comment on my At The Well post yesterday!

emily rae said...

Ria! I'm so happy you made this blog! It is SO beautiful and so you! Every time I visit it (and I often do) I love reading and seeing the pictures of where you are at today! I am so happy for you and and Josh, your lives are an encouragement. Blessings to you Ria!!

Brittney Galloway said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! My husband and I are moving to the Middle East for missions work (though you probably won't see it said like that on my blog for security reasons. I refer to it as The Company and our Job.) I just love your wedding pictures, they are gorgeous!