Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Edition: 2 of 2

Sunday: Josh & Katie Krehbiel's Wedding Ceremony & Reception. Wow! A-m-a-z-i-n-g to be a part of such sacred moments. It was beautiful. Not only in the decorations, but in the message and worship. It was surrounding the theme that as the church WE are the bride. WE are waiting for our bridegroom, Jesus to return. He is jealous for his bride. This is a reality and truth and too often we forget this. Their wedding reflected a small portion of what that day will be like... incredible!

Loved the Programs! Pink & Brown :)

Nazareth Chapel decorated GORGEOUSLY!

Oh... How I remember this moment!!
Here comes the beautiful Bride, Katie!

MARRIED!! Love the expressions on their faces!

Dessert Reception... Yum!

The Beautiful Couple... First time in Public!

Handsome Husband and I... What a special thing to go to a wedding after being married!

Chloe Chesla! Fun friends - Great to catchup with her!

Worship @ The Reception

This is what I want to talk about... Katie & Josh's hearts are for worship & prayer. They have felt the tangible presence of God during these moments. They wanted this to be reflected. They had a "worship performance" with the talented members of their wedding party. It was beyond words can express. The songs all were surrounding the theme of the bridegroom & his bride. It was beautiful. I get chills thinking about it. They then invited the guests to join with them in worship... I loved this! The presence of God was SO thick. Really rich. It was a huge blessing & I know it blessed our bridegroom's heart.
I am so excited for The Krehbiel's future! They have a high calling (like we all do... YOU included!) It was neat to experience this along with them :) I also felt like it was a refreshment for Josh and my marriage... even just being married for 3 months! Oooooooooooooohhh God is good! He is OUR bridegroom!

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Rae Nolt said... fun! Beka's wedding was the 1st that Wil and I attended married. OH MAN. More emotional than my own wedding just because I was so excited to attend a wedding and not be the bride! (You know how that is!) It was great to enjoy the wedding and realize how special marriage really is!