Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Edition: 1 of 2

Sorry Blog Friends! I did not write this weekend... but I will make up for it this week LOTS of posts with LOTS of pictures!

Who's excited for THANKSGIVING?

My husband lovessssssssss holidays & so do I. It will be extremely fun this year celebrating together with our families. I will post tons of pictures!

This past weekend.

Wow. I have to fill you in! It was fantastic and such a beautiful time celebrating in the joys of my friends marriage & upcoming marriage!

Saturday was the Princess Shower for our princess, Chana!
Bridget & I with Chana. We were the hostesses: )
Yummy Food!!We played the toilet paper wedding dress game... This is Chana's Sister, Danielle. They look SO much alike :)

Chana & Her Mama... Opening Gifts! The fun Part

It was such a blessing to be on the other side of this shower :) I have been used to "being" the bride... it was fun to "bless" the bride this time!. She is a dear friend that I love and it was fun to meet some of the other women in her life. What a beautiful time of celebrating!

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