Friday, November 20, 2009

Supporting Marriage Weekend!

Hellooo all. I decided this is my

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of hosting a bridal shower for Princess Chana! We are having a princess theme. It is going to be so fun! It is a joint effort from several of her dear and darling friends. Look for updates on Monday about how it went... maybe even pictures... you know me all to well!

Chana is on the right :) She was one of my personal attendants!

She is marrying her best friend, Zach! I met this cute and stylish couple at Substance Church. It is quite the story... God works in the craziest ways. We decided we are engagement "twinsey's" because Chana got engaged only like 5 days before me & her birthday is the day AFTER mine. We have so many similarities, yet differences too. She is a great new friend & I love learning things from her... especially cooking! She is awesome at it!

Sunday: is my friend Katie V's wedding. It is going to be at Northwestern Nazareth Chapel.

GORGEOUS place. GORGEOUS people. Katie is marrying her best friend, Josh. I am so happy for them as they begin a new adventure. They are planning to go into ministry... somewhere... they weren't sure (as of our last coffee date). Looks like we need to have another coffee date! We both have Josh's! It is really exciting. I will post pictures from this fun celebration on Monday too!

It is sure special when dear friends find "the one". It makes me so happy to know that God has a perfect plan for each of us :) He created marriage. He designed it as a gift to us. I have a feeling that the next few years of my life will be filled with these joyus times. Engagements, Showers, Weddings and dare I say... Baby Showers! I love parrrrtiesss! God has a beautiful plan for us all.

How fun is that!!

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