Monday, November 30, 2009


I decided to dedicate this post to Photography. I have my own photography blog too... if you are interested! See Here or on the side column for the link! The first time that I really became interested in the art of picture-taking was around my junior year in High School. Jonna, my fabulous older sister, was going to be a Senior and I thought,
"My goodness, I can take her senior pictures!"

So I did.

It bloomed from that and I began taking photos of my friends and I was known as "the camera girl". I took most of my friends senior pictures and just SO enjoyed taking the photographs, but also editing them! Black and white, sepia, blurred background, etc... so many things you can do in editing!

Needless to say... I love to talk about photography. In January I am taking some classes in Digital Photography and excited to learn more techniques. In the meantime - I would love to capture your family, your friends, your engagement, yourself! I am a People Photographer and enjoy people more than landscapes, flowers, etc. I do enjoy capturing a great scene, but I think it is more fun with PEOPLE in it :)

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Truly His said...

Ria bean!! Next year you should do our christmas card picture!! That would be sooo fun!! And I need your address to send you something :) i LOVE you.

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

send me your email, I will send you my address! I need your new address too! :) :)

Sarah Heineman said...

ria... i have this cute baby that needs her picture taken! i would love for you to take them :) lets talk soon

Nilpferd said...

you are such an amazing photographer

Sonja Anderson said...

My kids loved you today. Raegan is still talking about "Aimee's Auntie Ria"... ;) Thank you so much for taking our pictures! Can't wait to see them!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Sonja - I had SO much fun! The pictures are fantastic. I will have them done soon... I think... I'm really into editing :)

Look for the link on your facebook soon!