Thursday, November 19, 2009

I could post...

I am not exactly sure where to take this post... on this Thursday afternoon...

I could post pictures.

I could post a song.

I could post about my extremely funny husband who decided to walk through our hallway and down the stairs without using his legs last night. Yes, this did happen and Yes, it was extremely silly.

I could post some magnificent truth about marriage. One that I have learned in the approx 2 3/4 months that we've been married.

I could post about how I had one of my crazy-painful pains in my stomach under my rib again this morning. I could post that I prayed and it went away...

I could post about the POWER of prayer!

Yes, that is a good thought. Our God cares about the details! He just wants and is waiting for us to ask him!! Just communication. Just talking, like with a friend. I experienced that power, this very morning. Thank you Jesus!

Just want to testify his GLORY!

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Sheridan Brommerich said...

Ria, Was your stomach-under-your-rib pain on the right or left? If it's on the right it could be your gall bladder. Get it checked out, chickie! I suffered for over 18 years before I found out what the problem was. Love following you on facebook and here. take care! Sheridan