Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello Blog Followers!

I am so happy to have 5 of you :) I posted the link on facebook... and miracles happen! Excited to share a part of my heart with each of you & read yours. As I was praying and reading and dreaming this morning I kept thinking about gratitude...

Gratitude (adj.): the state of being thankful

That is the state I am currently in. I am so thankful! One of the things I am most thankful for is the home Josh and I own. What a true blessing and a promise from the Lord! Can I share the story of God's favor with you?

When Josh and I were pursuing the decision to either rent or buy for our life together we really had to give it up to the Lord. We had many of opinions on both options and God truly shined through these opinions. Miraculously!

The story begins on Memorial Day 2009

  • Monday [memorial day]: Mark (our fantastic realtor & my father-in-law) helped us narrow down our search to the areas of Blaine & Coon Rapids. We found 4 town homes in these areas that were in our price range and worth looking at. Let's just say... the first one we went to... incredible! Upon driving into this development, Club West, we were speechless. A clubhouse, pool, walking paths, very upscale looking area, gazebos surrounding the townhouses, and more. It was amazing! Josh reminded me to not get my hopes up :) When we walked into this Unit # C we were shocked. Did anyone live here before? It was a foreclosure, but just perfect in cleanliness.

After viewing this town home... the other 3 did NOT compare. We saw foreclosures that had punch marks in the walls & artistic crayon drawings covering them. It was not a pretty sight. *note to self: should have taken pictures* It was pretty clear that Unit #C was one-of-a-kind.

  • Tuesday: Mark called the realtor to find out the status of this magnificent Unit #C home that we were so intrigued by... They told him they were asking buyers to put their BEST foot forward by the next day (Wednesday). OOfta! AKA that meant we needed to act fast, because they were making a decision on Wednesday or Thursday. Josh and I met Mark at Perkins and worked up the offer ... we were there pretty late & it consisted of a lot of signing my signature over and over again. It was surreal! (I was Ria Lenzen still)

  • Wednesday: Mark submitted the offer. Then we wait. He warned us to not get our hopes up, because often times with foreclosures it takes awhile... we just waited and prayed. Believed if this wasn't God's plan - he had a better, bigger and greater plan for us. What a cool situation to be in!

  • Thursday: Thursday was date night with my fiance, Joshua... We were sitting at Good earth eating some yummy food. Just dreaming & chatting about our future. This (of course) included our townhome decisions and options after we were married. How fun would it be to LIVE with my husband... Joshua! I felt the urge to go to Club West and walk around that community. The Lord had already placed a peace in both our hearts about the situation. It was only a total of 3 days... it happened so fast. I felt like our prayers together were, "Lord IF this is your plan, please make it happen". As we were walking the paths and praying I felt a shift in our prayers from IF to "Lord, we want this house. We know it would be a total act of YOU to make it happen..." In that moment, there was surrender. It was a release. It felt so cool. Josh looks at me and says... "What if we find out tonight Ria?" I said... "Who knows honey?!"

  • Friday [11Pm-8AM]: I awoke to a phone call from my darling fiance & 8 missed calls... what in the world? It was bright and early! Calmly he said, "Guess what, Ria?" I responded, "What Joshy... how come you called so many times last night? I fell asleep at like 10pm, I was so tired!" With the most joy ever he said, "WE GOT THE HOUSE!" I screamed. I jumped out of bed. I ran to my mom. I was so excited. WE WERE GOING TO OWN A TOWNHOME! The realtor had called Mark & left a message... get this... Thursday evening... probably while we were walking around Club West. HIS FAVOR. This is a story of the Lord's favor & faithfulness. Miracles DO happen! This happened within a week-time-period & that is SO abnormbal for the foreclosure market these days. Wow.

With all that being said... did I say... I am SO thankful for our home? Please take a picture tour of our house becoming OUR home... Enjoy!

Guest Bedroom/Office/Storage - Who wants to come over?

OUR BEDROOM! Ikea & Target once again... Love the Blue & Brown... Romantic :)

Game & Laundry Closet :)

Hello LARGE walkin-closet & Hello SHOES. I like you both. A lot.

And there you have it... a sneak peek. Sorry for the turn-y head pictures. Yikes! Still figuring this blogger out :)

Blessings & Remember to be Thankful!


Stephanie M. Page said...

hey friend!!! got your facebook mess...my blog is up now too, but iwould love some of your blog wisdom...so excited for the pics!! will talk soon!!!

Unknown said...

RIA Love! I blog as well! :) I am so glad you blog, now I can follow you and your cuteness. ;)

Hannah Pickar said...

Yay God.