Friday, November 13, 2009



What is the definition? I have tried to figure this out for a long time! I have a very hard time disappointing people. But, I have a harder time being disappointed. I think I have decided that it is a result of a failed expectation. If I expect or perceive something to be one way and then it does not go as planned/turn out that way... I can get disappointed. I learned this BIG time while planning a wedding. It ties into failure. I do not like to fail - who does?

Disappointment happened this morning. It hurt. It was frustrating. Yet, in the big scheme of life... it was not that big of a deal. Choose your battles, right? I am learning this wonderful lesson and my husband is helping me. He is too good to me sometimes. I can be a baby, yet he loves me and takes it on as his fault... when in reality it was a miscommunication.

Thank you, honey. I love you!
So... how do you deal with disappointment?

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