Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thanksgiving & holidays are my favorite times of the year. (Well, I have a lot of favorites times of the year). Really though, I think the reason they are so special is because of FAMILY. I feel fortunate and blessed to have the amazing and wonderful family that I do! Holidays are the time when we think about that the most... I am thankful. What a true blessing! This year I am trying really hard to not take FAMILY for granted!

Our weekend looks like: Thanksgiving at my lovely mother-in-law's tomorrow! She is hosting the Lenzen family as well! How sweet for us all to join as one, big family and celebrate!

Friday will consist of cutting down a Christmas tree. Not just ANY Christmas tree, mind you. Josh and my FIRST Christmas tree together. Josh can get pretty picky about his tree... I'm sure I'll have stories :) We will also decorate our home on Friday! Oh, how we have the cutest little nativity set. Pictures to come!!!!!

I will check in on Friday (maybe, just maybe tomorrow too) ?! Blessings Blog readers and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

Here are some fun pictures from past thanksgiving's...

Cinnamon Rolls with Grams
First Thanksgiving out of High school... Perkins get-to-gether

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