Thursday, August 7, 2014

20 Weeks: Ruby Rae

We are HALFWAY with our sweet Ruby Rae. Wow, it really feels like it is going so much faster this time. Our little girlie is growing & starting to move lots and lots. She is going to be a mover like her big brother, Jude.

Like I always say... she is a gift to us. I can't wait to kiss her little cheeks. :)

How Far Along:  20 Weeks!

Size of baby: 12 o.z. Size of a BANANA!

Maternity Clothes: Yes! Living in Dresses lately... and comfy pants. I don't like anything covering my tummy, it's outchy!

Gender:  BABY GIRL!! Ruby Rae!

                    (Kinda creepy 3D image... you can sort of see her sweet face!!!)

Movement:  Yes!! Still can't wait for Josh/Jude to feel it even more. Josh felt her at 18 weeks... a little flutter! Jude tried to feel her, hahaa "she kicking, mama?"

Sleep:  Getting better!! :) Thankful! Brought out the good ol' preggo pillow... #lifesaver

What I miss:  Hmmmmm.... nothing much lately. I am so happy to be pregnant.

Food Cravings:  Pepperoni Pizza from Papa Johns just on Sunday night. I was starving & that garlic dip for the crust was calling my name. Ruby liked it ;)

Food Aversions: I threw up while on a work trip... that wasn't fun. I think it was too much fried food. Staying away from that for awhile (until the State Fair that is ;))

Symptoms: A little heartburn started. Manageable and not too bad. Brushing my teeth is so hard lately... always makes me gag. So weird!!

 He LOVES his baby sister... Roooooby

Jude Is: Still making us laugh like crazy. He is now sleeping in "Rooey's Crib"... since we started on his big boy room. He hasn't officially slept in it yet, we are still finishing it. He's full of life, energy & so many funny things to say. What a perfect big brother he will be for Ruby!!

What I’m looking forward to: 
Seeing her face! I love envisioning what she will look like, smell like. I just crave the newborn snuggles and know life will get crazy come December when she arrives but I am going to embrace it. I am already praying for God to give me balance with our sweet Jude too!

 Face & Arm - like HEY Mama & Daddyyyy :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

17 Weeks: Ruby Rae

I type this in joy & happiness... we found out we are blessed with a baby GIRL on the way. It is really an amazing gift. :) I am trying to keep up on bump-dates... since baby #2 can get easily not get as much attention. I am determined to not make it that way with our sweet Ruby girl.

How Far Along:  17 weeks!

Size of baby: Size of Red Onion! Grow baby, Grow!

Maternity Clothes: Yes! Since week 10 this time around... nothing fit comfortably. :)

Gender:  BABY GIRL!! Ruby Rae!

Movement:  Yes, started feeling flutters 2 weeks ago. I love that it's only inside me that I can feel... special for Ruby and I. I love the big kicks too! That will be fun!

Sleep:  Pretty good. I wake up from 3-4am every morning so that's a little annoying but I use it as time to pray! :)

What I miss:  Nothing much besides deli meat. I sometimes cheat ;)

Food Cravings:  I crave peaches... peanut butter and boneless buffalo wings... honey bbq. Similar craving to when I was pregnant with Jude. I'm just not AS hungry like 3x a day, but hungry more often... :)

Food Aversions: Nothing too bad! Eggs were a little rough a few weeks back, but I am good now!

Symptoms: 2nd Trimester is so happy for me! I'm not AS tired and don't need to nap with Jude in the afternoons. Still get tired in the evening, but thankful for a full day without a nap!

Jude Is: Such a funny boy. Loves saying "Roo-ey" (his version of Ruby). He still thinks baby is a "boy" but I think he does that to get a laugh out of us. We are working on potty training :/ Crazy kid!! He is loving summer and having daddy home! :)

What I’m looking forward to: 
Growing & continuing to tell Jude about his sister. We talk about her all the time, it's really quite special. He always says he wants her to come "out" and I explain she is not done growing yet. We have a 20 week ultrasound coming up which will be super fun to see how big she has gotten! I love seeing her sweet little profile. :)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

IT'S A....


I'm still a bit in shock. What an amazing gift to be carrying life and the little girl we have been praying for. Since Josh and I went on this "parenthood" journey we have been praying for our Ruby girl. 

I remember many months back during some pretty hard days standing in the target baby aisle finding ruby red shoes and crying. My heart was so heavy for another baby but specifically a girl. I bought these $8 pair of Ruby red slippers and kept them by our beside. I felt like in that moment God promised me the gift of a daughter... Someday.

After finding out we were pregnant - I sobbed of course. I remembered the Ruby slipper moment. Knowing that promise from God, it was still uncertain if this child was that promise.

Fast forward... Two days ago... In the SAME Target aisle. Sobbing again with the realization of KNOWING we were granted the gift of a daughter. I'm not sure words can express how blessed we feel. (I wanted to explain to everyone that passed me at Target as I had this moment... ;))

It was a joy to share the news with our family and friends yesterday at our annual red, white & blue party! Such a fun time revealing the "secret". I'm really so thankful for a network of supportive people in our lives. Rejoice with those who rejoice!!!

In light of the 4th of July we lit RED/PINK smoke bombs! :)
Fireworks too!

We cherish our "people" so very much!

Jude still thinks Mama is having a BOY but we have still have a few months to convince him otherwise. ;)

Thank you sweet Jesus for this gift... Bring on the PINK, headbands, glitter & all things girly-girl. :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

God is Able: Pregnancy

Writing this is still a bit surreal... If you haven't seen our anncouement yet :) Here it is:

We are expecting our 2nd child. I am humbled and in tears writing this. It has been a long journey this time around. When I say "long" I am in the context of almost 1 1/2 years. I don't want to compare to anyone else's story. I don't want anyone reading this who may be currently struggling to loose hope. I want you to gain encouragement. I've been there. Josh and I were diagnoised with "Secondary Infertility"...

It hasn't been a "public" thing and it has been something close family & friends are aware of. We believe in the power of prayer, but it is also a private matter and something that God was working on in each of us.

Infertility has many faces. I don't know if you may currently be or in the midst of this struggle or maybe struggled in the past with this journey. It is such an emotional roller coaster from month to month and we've been there. Maybe you haven't struggled with infertility and Praise be to God... That's not part of your story. We all have a story. We all have unique struggles that God uses for HIS glory!

This is our story. This is our testimony of how our GOD IS ABLE. He who promised is faithful. He has been faithful to us time and time again in our marriage & parenthood. Currently, I am almost 12 weeks and it is maybe "easier" to type this post because I'm on the other side... but it is still a very real struggle that we dealt with.

Let me bring you back... Jude turned ONE! He is our pride & joy. We love him with everything! Jude took 8 months to conceive and as someone with a desire from childhood to be a Mama... that was F-O-R-E-V-E-R. We learned a lot of patience and God's timing in that, however that timeline is pretty "normal".

Back to his first birthday, we had already began starting to try for Baby #2. My sister and I are super close in age (only 15 months apart actually). Soooo... naturally, I thought this was what I wanted for our little family.

Months passed and we hit the 10 month "trying" mark. I felt uneasy in my spirit. I knew something was up and Josh agreed. We sought medical help through a fertility clinic and realized through a lot of appointment... consultations... questionnaires... etc. that we were struggling with Secondary Infertility. The diagnosis became something treatable which made the sting a little less intense. It was still a journey and still unknown - but we at least had some answers.

Through a small, non-invasive procedure Josh had in February we were really hopeful! And two SHORT months later, God blessed us with conceiving the very month Jude turned TWO. :) It was really humbling and hard to seek medical help.

We believed God would bless us in his timing with a child.
Yet, there was action on OUR part that needed to take place.
It was humbling & so good for us to realize we had options. What a gift!

In December 2013, we were in Florida and God gave me some VERY clear promises. Including the word: ABLE. He said I am able, Ria. I am able to do this. Able to do immeasurably more than you could ask, think or even imagine. WOW! Here is that post:

I really felt strongly we were going to have a 2014 baby... and here we are ... THE VERY END OF December, 2014 we are due. Christmas Eve. Christmas Miracle.

Let's just stop and take that in for a minute. God who promised... is FAITHFUL. Time and Time again. I doubted, I cried my eyes out & I had bitterness. Yet, HE came through. He is Able. For me, and he's ABLE for you. Wherever you are at, whatever you are struggling with.

We so desire for our testimony to be an encouragement for others!!
Pleases be encouraged today.

There is so much more to our story... I didn't want to write for days and days ;) If you are in this season or need prayer please email me:  - I would love to share more and encourage you if you are struggling to conceive - I am praying for you.

 This struggle is so, so hard. It is not talked about a lot and it is something really "private". You are seen. God knows your heartbreak. He knows you are struggling and wants to be your everything. I can't say - it's easy or that "it will happen".... because I had heard that too many times. I can say, it's a trusting thing & part of your unique story. He's writing it right now, just hang tight friend... The chapters will soon turn into pages & you will look back and see the beauty.

Hugs! Thank you for sharing in our joy!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Lord Over All

Kari Jobe is one of my favorite worship artists of all time. Her lyrics and heart is so in tune with the father. It's clear in her word choice & her "performances". I got to attend a concert of hers.. It was more like a praise & worship 3hours. Pure bliss. Truly what heaven will be like!!

Here is one of my latest favorites of hers... "Lord over all". 

You will never fail is repeated over and over again. He doesn't fail us. Even when it may feel that way. I'm being reminded of this season and season and season again. Check out the lyrics...

"In the valley of the unknown
I will lift my voice
In the shifting, in the shadow
I know You are with me

Lord over all
You will be my rescue
You will never fail
Lord, through it all
I will choose to trust You
You will never fail

In the searching and the waiting
You quiet my soul
In the stillness of Your presence
I know You are with me

Out of this darkness
Into Your promise
You will deliver me
Eternal Savior
You stand forever
You are my victory"

He will never fail us. Ever. Hang tight friends. :)